What can you do to transition into menopause and maintain healthy hormone balance and minimize the potential for side effects? Side effects like hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, depression. The symptoms of menopause can be life altering.

For many women it happens because as they’re going into menopause, they have an estrogen dominance scenario. Even though estrogen levels are dropping as women go into menopause, their estrogen, progesterone ratios are still very, very skewed creating an estrogen dominance effect, and estrogen dominance can lead to or contribute to a lot of the symptoms that women might experience during menopause.

One of the effects that exercise has for women is it reduces a protein in the bloodstream called sex hormone binding globulin. This particular hormone can disrupt the way that your sex steroids work and the less you exercise, the higher levels of SHBG that you make. Basic body weight maneuvers that will help balance out your SHBG, your sex hormone binding globulin.

Many of the chemicals that we find create estrogen and hormone imbalance and disruption leading to an increase in menopausal symptoms are found in air and water.

Avoid eating off of plastic, avoid heating foods in plastic. Avoid eating with plastic forks, avoid cans with plastic linings.

A gluten-free diet, science shows, really works best when you are true gluten-free or grain-free, when you eliminate all grains from the diet and understand why that’s my last recommendation is because many women with hormonal imbalances have them as a result of the exposure to gluten.

Gluten can disrupt estrogen, progesterone. Gluten can disrupt follicle stimulating hormone.

It’s been shown to to disrupt pretty much all of your sex steroids and the inflammation it creates can disrupt your cortisol and insulin balances leading to sex steroid hormone imbalances.

So gluten is a major hormone disruptor and if you’re really struggling with the symptoms as you go through menopause, it’s one of the first things I have my clients do and oftentimes that leads to tremendous success in their symptoms and in the way that they feel and in the balancing of their hormones.

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