The average doctor has less than seven hours of training in nutrition.

If you look at medical school curriculum for nutrition, the courses generally either nonexistent or it’s very minimal. So doctors who are supposed to be experts in health get less than seven hours of total training in a disease that’s predominantly nutritionally related, which is kind of scary when you think about it, because how many have you gone to your doctors and you think in the back of your mind, “Oh my doctor’s a doctor. They’re really smart. They’re going to be trained in nutrition”.

You don’t even think that they’re NOT trained in nutrition. In essence, you’d go in there with the expectation that that’s something that they have actually trained in only now you’re finding out that that’s just not true. It’s not something they’ve trained in at all.

As a matter of fact, I’m one of the very few in the world. There are about 350 of us that are actually board certified in clinical nutrition – Diplomates of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition (DACBN). So many doctors are diplomates in internal medicine or diplomates with cardiology, et cetera. But there are very few of us actually trained in clinical nutrition. And so that being the case, this is a very important element. Let’s talk about how nutritional deficiency can actually become a trigger.

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