My favorite B6 containing supplements:
Multi Nutrients (multi vitamin with high levels of B6) –
B Complete (B complex with B6) –

Let’s start with energy metabolism. Vitamin B6 helps break down glycogen (stored energy) and turn it into glucose in the absence of food. It also helps convert amino acids (smallest unit of protein) into keto acids, which can then be used to make glucose from protein and fat in the absence of carbohydrates. Thus, vitamin B6 helps ensure your tissues have a steady source of fuel to make energy.

Vitamin B6 assists an enzyme involved in the making of sphingomyelin, which is an essential component of cellular membranes. It helps regulate a process called endocytosis, which is one way your cells obtain nutrients as well as destroy pathogens. Sphingomyelin helps send signals within the cell and ensures proteins are delivered to the correct place. It’s also believed to be involved in the regulation of functions performed in the cell nucleus, which is where your DNA is stored.

The production of heme relies on vitamin B6. Heme is necessary to make hemoglobin, which is what binds oxygen and carries it throughout your body. Without it, your cells can’t get the oxygen they need and eventually start to malfunction. Thus, vitamin B6 helps prevent anemia.

Vitamin B6 also helps prevent the build-up of homocysteine, which has been associated with inflammation, cardiovascular disease, neurological disorders, and cancer. In this study, celiac patients supplementing with B vitamins had lower homocysteine levels than those not taking supplements.

Evidence suggests vitamin B6 also plays a role in your body’s antioxidant defense system, which protects your cells from damage.

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