00:00 – is sparkling water bad for your your health?
00:48 – is excess fat bad for leaky gut?
01:37 – supplements for lowering cortisol?
02:43 – is it possible to be weaned off of thyroid medication?
05:50 – best way to remove dangerous fillings from a tooth?
07:19 – what about storing food in plastic bags?
08:29 – if there is a progesterone dominance is this still a risk?
09:55 – is doing a heavy metal detox dangerous if you have mercury fillings?
11:04 – what do you recommend for managing hot flashes?
13:07 – are hormone pellets bad for me?
14:20 – my friend is growing hair on her chin and doesn’t know why.
18:39 – what about bio-identical hormones that are compounded to your body?
22:24 – what about phytoestrogens? Are they good for us?
25:23 – can autoimmunity manifest as rashes?
26:40 – can hormone imbalances cause weight problems?
28:29 – is it possible to bind xenoestrogens and remove them from the body?
29:10 – if you have no ovaries should you be on bioidentical hormones?
29:50 – what causes uterine fibroids and what can I do to shrink them?

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