One thought on “Iodine dosing and toxicity – when you need more iodine, and when you’ve had enough

  1. Stacy says:

    For shower a special head for taking chlorine out do the work. What about potassium, is that in iodine. I lost a lot of weight when I was taken off med where I was mid diagnose for bipolar and I lost 30 pounds fast because they had that side effect. I am not bi polar it was because a doctor that did not test me or know me decided because of pain meds. my personality changed tremendously from opiates and then I was having surgeries every 6 months for 29 yrs then, So of course that would happen. It was poison to my system. I was so sick for the medss, Genesight did a DNA test and found I was not able to break down these meds and I was not bi polar.. I was taken off immediately and my chronic pain, depression, and weight all went back to normal..i am add the say. But I focus 15 hours a day studying so how can this be possible? I am free of pain, depression, anxziety and live purely in pease, love, happiness, compassion, kindness & gratitude. I believe I was over medicated and it was systematic. I am off meds and I have never been happier. No moods or negative thoughts ever enter my mind. I think this is a travesty. Warmly, Stacy

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