Gut Distress or IBS? You Might Find Answers in This QnA from Dr. Osborne

One thought on “Gut Distress or IBS? You Might Find Answers in This QnA from Dr. Osborne

  1. John says:

    I revel in all your videos and have been following your website for few yes as I’ve been struggling with eating “Certified Gluten Free” foods which directly exasperated my Celaic symptoms, and as I’ve learned from researching the Functional Uses of Soy and Glutens food processing technologies is what’s never mentioned anywhere is that soy and wheat glutens are particularly sprayed on all our vegetables and fruits, and seeds etc in addition to their use on poultry and fish meats as well, in addition to their use in whole meats and as fillers in ground beef. Can you or are you allowed to discuss that? , as its proprietary food processing methods .

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