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00:00 – are you rejecting every single study concerning veganism?
00:50 – if you are over 50 should you stop eating meat?
01:30 – do you feel better with meat in your diet, or with a vegan based diet?
02:40 – my health deteriorated when I tried to go vegan
03:10 – can I go vegan while I also do phase 2 of the No Grain No Pain diet?
03:55 – how much do you think blood type plays a role?
04:31 – if you have a protein deficiency and don’t eat a lot of meat, what should you eat?
07:25 – Going vegan or not going vegan and your health deteriorates
09:10 – what is the best time to take vitamins for optimal absorption?
11:40 – raw vegan diets
14:28 – so NEVER eat raw veggies?
15:05 – when you go vegan for a while, and then go back, why do you get so gassy?
16:26 – what about better enzyme activity in raw vegetables?
18:45 – been taking Creon for 2 days and very gassy.
19:38 – how do you feel about (insert company here)?
21:30 – do you think it’s good to take Gluten Shield often?

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