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There are many diseases linked or associated with calcium deficiency. Some of the diseases caused by calcium deficiency include:

Colon cancer is one of the disease states that we know calcium deficiency chronically can contribute to. Calcium forms kidney stones when your diet is chronically low in calcium, and you’re chronically pumping calcium from your bone into your bloodstream. Most kidney stones are what are called calcium oxalate stones. Some people don’t have the bacteria to properly break down oxalate in their GI tract lining.

Chronically low calcium can create or contribute to bone loss and seizure disorders as well.

Rickets and osteomalacia, which are diseases associated directly with calcium deficiency, rickets, predominantly as a disease of Vitamin D metabolism more than it is calcium, but the reason the bones start to bow out. If you’ve ever seen somebody with bow legs, that’s rickets.

We know that low calcium levels, because of their role in muscle contractility, put more pressure on the heart to deliver blood.

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