What Can Disrupt Digestion & Gut Function?
**Medications can have major effects on your taste, smell, digestion, and motility.

Some medications can cause dry mouth, disrupt taste and smell, and can make it harder to digest food.
Medications can slow down gut motility creating constipation.
Antibiotics can wipe out good bacteria in the gut leading to a disruption in immune function, digestion, and neurotransmitter production.
Common medications include, SSRI’s, ant-acids, pain medications, and blood pressure drugs. Have a talk with your prescribing doctor about medications to make sure he/she understands your needs.

Gluten Can Cause G.I. Problems
Grains, the seeds of grasses, and the glutens founds within those seeds are known to cause gastrointestinal inflammation and hinder digestion.
Grains can shut your gut down through specialized proteins that target and inhibit your ability to produce digestive enzymes.
Be 100% grain free! Follow the No Grain No Pain diet in chapters 7 and 8 of my book.

GMO’s Can Trigger Leaky Gut
GMO grains have been genetically manipulated to survive better. Some of them produce their own pesticides! Additionally, they are typically doused with pesticides before being planted, and sprayed again right before being harvested. These pesticides and are known to disrupt biochemistry in the G.I. tract.

Food Additives
Meat glue, AKA – microbial transglutaminase, is used in processed meats, restaurant meats, processed foods, and dairy products. It has been shown to cause inflammation in the gut.
Food gums commonly added to milk substitutes (almond milk, coconut milk, etc) can also create gastrointestinal inflammation.

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