Government policy has been put in place to shelter in place. Let’s talk about why the shelter in place exists. I think a lot of people have forgotten why “shelter in place” started in the first place. “Shelter in place” didn’t start or didn’t happen as a result of any other reason than to flatten the proverbial curve. If you recall in the very beginning, Dr. Fauci himself said, “we can’t stop the spread”. “We can’t stop the spread. All we can do is we can shelter in place to flatten the curve.” Now, what is flattening the curve? I don’t know if a lot of people actually even understand what that actually was designed to do. Flattening the curve was not designed to stop the spread of the disease. It was designed to reduce the overwhelm in hospitals so that doctors weren’t so overwhelmed by an unknown disease, with no known real treatments. They weren’t so overwhelmed that they had to make decisions about who lived or died because they didn’t have enough hospital beds or they didn’t have enough resources to take care of people. So the flattening of the curve, which was passed by our government, which was supposed to really end May 1st right, was designed to prevent overwhelm in the hospitals. It was not and never intended to stop the spread. Never intended to stop the spread. And so if you recall in the very beginning we were being told “don’t wear masks”.

Now some would argue that we’re being told not to wear masks because we didn’t want to take away the potential PPE for a hospital workers. So we don’t want people buying up all the masks. So there are hospital workers didn’t have any, but at this point we have masks. Masks aren’t the issue, but we were still, that wasn’t the only reason we were being told not to wear maths beyond that, because masks are ineffective because the virus is hundreds of times smaller than the smallest fibers. N95 can have some stopping power. But beyond that, most people don’t know how to put on an N95 mask properly and they’re touching all over it and they’re using it for far too long. So the effectiveness of the mask actually wears out anyway. And some studies show that masks actually increase your risk of developing a respiratory infection.

Just remember, I’m just going down the timeline here. We were originally told not to wear masks. We were told that we can’t stop the spread. We were told the best that we could do is flatten the curve so that we could prevent the overwhelm in hospitals. And if we could do this, we could give our medical practitioners time to get ahead of this so that we could save more lives should we have some degree of massive influx of people coming into the hospitals. And then if you recall what we were shown by the media. The media was showing us images of hospitals in Italy calling it New York. The media was showing us images of the same little boy multiple times who died from COVID-19, but the same little boy had multiple different names. So they were showing us lies in essence, in anybody who was paying attention to this. And the media was also reporting that that people who were dying from COVID-19 that actually died from things non-COVID. And so again, part of the this is that the media hyped it all up.

And so what happens when the media hyped it up is they created more fear, more of that limbic mindset.

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