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    Austin Richmond

    Hey everybody this is Austin from Gainesville, Florida and I have a couple of questions regarding being gluten free.
    First off, what I wanted to say is that despite joining gluten free society about a year and a half ago, only now am I finally starting the diet due to the drug like effects I received from it while having a nightly alcohol problem. I have Tourette’s syndrome, obsessive thoughts, depression and anxiety which made me addicted to it as well as alcohol. But now I have also been having stomach tightness problems making it hard to sleep which I am not sure are from alcohol, gluten or both. I have only completed 3 days gluten free as well as not drinking, of course, but was wondering if my stomach tightness doesn’t go away, which options should I use? I’ve taking the GI restore, but I feel sick to my stomach a lot and was throwing up before going on the diet because of it. I have an apt with a gastroenterologist, but it’s not until oct 7th. I also went to the ER about a month ago and they didn’t find anything on an x-ray of my stomach or abdomen. Ideally my tightness will go away with the diet and not drinking, but if not which should I do?
    My other question was, “when do you know your ready to wean off you medications?” I take clonazepam, .5 in the morning,.5 at night and also Lexapro 10mg at night. Most of my gluten and alcohol withdrawal symptoms are the ocd, anxiety and depression becoming worse , but I also know that ssri’s make your mood flat and clonazepam retards many different areas, so I would appreciate knowing when a good time to wean off of my medications is. I know it won’t be anytime soon, but if anybody knows tell tale signs that there ready to move on I would like to know.
    Also, I have had the delayed reaction test done, but I can’t afford the vitamin deficiency test. I know I’m low in B vitamins from a test my old doctor did. But is there a way to get enough nutrients from food if you eat the most healthy, nutrient dense foods? For example, If I’m low on money but eat foods high in the nutrients I’m deficient in will I eventually get my ideal levels of nutrient levels back to normal or will I need to take vitamins. Also, I have a bottle of b vitamins but they are expired. Can I still use these?
    Lastly, since all of problems are psychological, I have quite a lot of social anxiety. Being in social settings, besides being at work or at the house makes my mind really obsessive and my body starts to shake and I don’t know how to even look calm. I wanted to know how long until this nervousness goes away and when I should start forcing myself out there. (This is another reason I wouldn’t like to be apathetic and have flattened emotion on Lexapro).
    Sorry about the long post. I hope it’s not too hard to read since I have been feeling foggy from the gluten withdrawal. Thank you for your input. -Austin

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