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    How did you know you had 22 food intolerances? When did you walk around with airborne allergy stuff and how did gluten free help it?Smile

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    I am sorry for what you have been through, But I am so happy for you that you have hope nowEmbarassedsmile:.

    @Martha said:

    . My thyroid has been found normal.

    This is my problem in a nutshell… “As it is, the rest of the world expects you to function normally (and blames YOU if your aren’t) even though you are feeling lousy!”

    I do purchase the food for the family. Interestingly enough I forgot to order grain last month. I can’t imagine being able to order it next month.

    This is a question that searches my heart. ” Do you totally have to sacrifice yourself and your health for the “comfort” of your family members?”

    “Do you have spiritual leaders whom your family respects who could intervene on your behalf?” My husband is a very good man, but he simply does not want to hear another thing about my health problems. I don’t think that he understands or believes the depths of them. I cannot explain because he shuts it out. He would say that I am obsessed and striving after an idol. My own life being the idol.Cry

    I feel like I should applauded for walking accross the room, but others are disappointed in me.Confused

    I expect this will all work out. For now I would like to crawl under the bed until my body finishes some of its work. On the other hand, when I am weak; it is so good to have someone that needs you. I have reasons to keep going and succeed. I have plenty of them.Smile

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    I drink water from my own well. Sometimes in the evening I make a shake with coconut milk, fruit, and stevia. Almond milk would work too.Smile

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    I make my own soap. I won’t go away from home without it again. I didn’t understand why any other soap seems to make me break out in a rash, but it turns out mine does not have wheat germ as many recipes do.

    My recipe comes from The Natural Soap Book by Susan Miller Cavitch. One can possibly find it at a library.

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    Go where?

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    Years ago I did an elimination diet. I took wheat out of my diet. But I substituted with Kamut, spelt and barley. I also found that corn was a problem, but I ate it off and on anyway.

    Six months ago my chiropractor thought my symptoms sounded like I might have gluten/food intolerances. I tried to eliminate to a classic gluten free diet. On that I ended up using alot of rice.

    Next I did the gene testing. With the following results:
    0501 (HLA-DQ2) Positive
    0301 ((HLA-DQ8) Positive
    0201 (HLA-DQ2) Positive
    0301 (HLA-DQ8) Positive

    I checked with the MD to see if she would discredit the test, but she backed it up saying not to eat gluten. She told me to follow the instructions that came with my test results. Tbat is what I did a few weeks back and continuing.

    Finally, I did the blood antibiody tests. They were completely negative including gluten.

    My blood count looked so favorable that the MD thought the spectra-cell was not needed. However, my iron was low and has been low for many years.

    I can’t see two of my other posts so I would just like to add that my blood count looked so good that the MD did not want to hastle herself with the Spectra Cell. I will however add that I had run out of my iron supplement when I discovered it had wheat germ, and iron was low.

    Thanks Martha,
    I would like to answer some questions privately.

    I am having Nutri-Spec Testing that discovers what nutrients I need. I believe I have been taking many of the nutrients that I need for the past 5 years. This got me out of undiagnosed heart trouble and added to my energy level and general well being. It told me to cut back on grain. But we did not know I was gluten intolerant. I am very pleased with Nutri-Spec. Maybe not eating gluten will help. I am interested in Spectra Cell, but I am not sure what to do. Should I stop taking my supplements for the test? Or should I do the test to see if the supplements are covering me well? The price of the supplements is a strain on the family. Since they are unconvinced of the severity of the problem I am in a rough spot.

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