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    15 situps and no pain. I guess I must still be numb. I recall how I couldn’t do squats because I couldn’t breath in the past. Now they are too easy to feel like they are doing anything!

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    Even though I had negative gluten reaction at 3 weeks my Elisa test did find a low reaction to gluten. I also reacted to nearly everything I eat.

    Let us know if you decide to do it.


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    Oh, that is likely. I have already told them I would like straight grit! Calcium Carbonate, I think.

    I am wondering if anyone else does all there dentist says only to get the very same lectures the next time?

    This time after the usual stuff, the hygentist said that sometimes when ones body doesn’t absorb nutrients well there is too much calcium… in the saliva. She said that my deposits were only where my saliva puddles.

    Bingo, I think she has finally got it!

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    Okay, so the other night I felt strong and did one. There were no tears, pulling or strains. I think I could do some more.

    Hmm maybe I shouldn’t have said that I was a marshmallow! I sure need to cut threw my brain fog. I am working on it.

    10 situps easy as pie. How come three months ago it seemed impossible?

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    Hi Liz,
    I wish you well.


    I am so glad I didn’t do that even though I wonder too.

    The results are in for this. My total IgE was 5.6. I did not react to eggs, avocado, pork, banana, cucumber, olive, sardines and strawberry. Each and everthing else that I am eating (and was tested on) Came out in the very low. Several things came out in 1+ also. Crab, which I only eat on seaweed was 2+ and buckwheat registered at 3+.

    One specific question:

    Some of the foods that I showed a reaction to I am not actively trying to eat such as corn, gluten, and milk. Oops I had been eating butter and switched to ghee recently. Is this more serious than a food I eat alot of testing reactive? Is this a sign that things are cross contaminated? Is this a sign that my body is not getting these things cleaned out very fast?

    I discovered, by my test, and other factors that I was sold cocoa powder (a no no for me) rather than Carob powder by mistake. Now, I have a 25 lb bag of cocoa powder and the bag is out of the original box! I need to verify it by smelling carob powder and cocoa powder, but I am fairly sure. I was suspicious from the very first whiff of it. So if anyone needs cocoa powder, let me know!

    My test was done by Genova Diagnostics. My chiro and I are not sure of the signifigance of all of this, but we are working on it. We did realize that I am having leaky gut problems. I appear to be reacting to things I only get in my supplements. Therefore, after 5 years of these supplements that saved my life; I must conclude that I need to change?

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    Thanks, been there and done that. I think I need some energy. Maybe I shouldn’t keep trying to run a life with half of my nutrients “tied” behind my back? I am working on that.

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    For snacks I like shakes made of cocounut milk, nuts, and a little fruit. I really enjoy my gluten free muffins and cinnamin buns. I am also am really enjoying coconut water lately. My chiro thinks one can’t enjoy cocunut water. It is true I began by thinking it tasted only like water. Now I can taste the sweetness. I am happy to enjoy meat without the quilt. I enjoy nearly all of the foods I eat.

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    I haven’t been inclined to cheat on purpose. Occassionally I am negligent in reading labels. Who would ever thought that one would need to read labels on things marked 100% or pure coconut water? I never considered reading a Sea Salt label, until I was hazy for a week. I do however suffer from the social pressure and isolation. I do feel that rejection when people seem to choose food over my presence. I know they just don’t understand, and I hope very much that one day they will. Still, I have work to get done and I must be as energetic as possible. I don’t want to continue thinking that “I can do it with half of my nutrients tied behind my back.

    I am desperate, I am determined, and I think God must love me very much and have a plan.

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    I bought some B and accidentally threw it out after dropping the glass jar on the floor and picking them up. I put them in an empty supplement bottle and now I can’t find them anywhere.

    I found them after all. In the last place I looked.

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    Wow! I had a test 3 weeks post gluten and it came out negative. Are you sure you are avoiding gluten?

    I also heard of an “In vitro” test recently. The claim is they can detect (In the blood) a reaction. Alcat is supposed to detect this way, I think.

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    Did you do it?

    I am doing elisa testing, but actually thought that Alcat looked better. One doctor which I trust uses it, but I can’t work with him. It claims that you do not have to be currently eating the foods to register. Since, I long sense stopped eating gluten, my elisa test should false negative for gluten.

    I checked out the groups on facebook, but I didn’t see any interaction. I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

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    Thanks, I just saw this today. I figured out I was paying for this, so I thought I better appreciate having it. My nutrient absorbtion test is Tuesday. Finally. Oh, I also have a food intolerance test.

    I tried just for grins one day taking some B12 my son had left over. I felt really good for about 4 days. Then my supply ran out.

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    I hope the ugly Yell heads will be stopped and you will stay well.


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