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    What a great list. I recently went to Palm Desert to visit my parents and brought my own food, but got sick, probably because I used their dishtowels, sponges, cutting boards, and utensils. I’m still learning how much hidden gluten there is everywhere. It’s mind boggling. Trying not to get too paranoid, but I feel like a gluten phobic. Guess you have to be when you have severe gluten intolerance.

    Oh, yeah, I get sick when eating away too. Dr. Osborne told me that I eat at home every time now. I do what you mean about feeling gluten phobic, but what do ya do?

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    Thankfully, I came out the other end of the fog. I feel like good things are ahead this morning.

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    I make my own soap and shampoo. It is fun. There are many websites that show how to and recipes. The soap cleans extremely well and is very gentle on skin. I won’t go to a hotel or bathroom without it. A class on soap making is probably the best way to learn the topes. Just make sure that it is making soap from scratch. I have seen classes to learn how to melt down glycerin soap and remold it.

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    I have discovered they are not safe for me. I could not say if that is generally true for celiacs and gluten sensitive.

    I have a skin reaction to them when I rub against them. I found this out when I used them as cover crop in the garden! Well, what else do you do with leftover grain you can no longer eat?

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    Get him Well. Thanks for much for being his helper.


    “You might also have additional food allergy testing performed. I recommend EAB labs for this. “

    I looked into EAB a bit and saw they do Elisa testing. I had it done, so I am not clear what you meant yet. Either more items or a different test, or you didn’t realize that I did it. We can talk about it if I ever get to setting up a consultation.

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    Lonnie, Thanks for the story. I hope it continues to be a good one!

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    Yow! I think I could tell you where my small intestine is. The IgG is doing something. I can tolerate some pain.

    Editing to say that the pain is subsiding well.

    Wow! Something is still going on in that tummy. 2/21/2013 Namely rumbling, bloating, and gas.

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    My chiro reviewed it and thought the IGg would be a good thing for me. I ordered and received it, so it will begin its work today.

    I plan to try some probiotic too, but I have another excellent brand.

    I am taking the Max Digest already.

    I reacted to cross contamination (I guess) by eating in someone else’s home. Next time I bring my own paper plate, pot holder, and fork!

    I got the excercise program and I think I can do it. I might just need my children to do it with me to stay motivated. That is strange, I usually like to excercise on my own.

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    Oh, wow, it doesn’t sound like you have been having a picnic. Let me guess, you are not a volunteer either?

    I hope you will continue on the mend and feel better and better on your way.


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    I got my chiro to read this and she will help me to study it.

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    Hi Kathy,

    I am a mother also. I grew up on Lucky Charms, Golden Grahams, and grapenuts. My Mom thought better of it while we were still young and avoided the Lucky Charms and sugary cereals. How sad I was then, but glad for it now.

    I must have missed your post somehow. I usually answer long before 5 days go by. Shame on me, I think you have quite a story.

    I got into natural foods, especialy home baked bread, to overcome health difficulties. Needless to say, I didn’t get better, instead I just about died 6 years back. At that time, supplements helped me tread water until I went grain free and began to heal from the root of my problems.

    You have a family history, I had none. My genetic test showed my genes were 4/4. Surprise!

    I have been grain free for about 7 months and am feeling more energetic. I have pondered at times an all raw diet, but I think my friends on it look sick. I have opted for a balanced protein to carb diet with small amounts of good fats with meals.

    I hope you will be able to incorporate a healing-for-you diet. I find the tests listed on this website to be helpful along with the videos and ideas presented. I like to write, so you can see my stuff all over the place.

    Oh, I must say that I am slightly younger than you. I dare think I will be 50 this year. Things are looking up.

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    Greetings Tricia,

    I was not tested for auto-immune diseases, so I believe that to be the reason that I can’t say that I had any. I had a symptom of plummeting blood pressure when I stood up. I Could stand anyway with sheer determination sometimes! I was painfully fatigued, though.

    Supplements helped me tread water until we found out about my gluten problem 5 years later. I did a classic gluten free diet for a couple months and then found Dr. Osbornes. Since I already knew I had problems with corn I elected to exclude rice also to try it. I appreciate the information I found here.

    I sure hope your MS will be helped by gluten free.


    I would also like to point out that I am just about to pass up Jackie (2nd highest ) in number of posts to the forum. She hasn’t posted for a very long time. Sometimes, I feel like I am taking over the forum. I am having a good time doing it.

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    Just so others know: If you click on the name of the supplements, you can find out more about what they are for. I didn’t realize that at first.

    I don’t understand why I would want antibodies. I guess they aren’t the problem, but the lack of them is? NOt even fighting is part of the problem? I would feel frustrated that this information is way beyond me, but the MD is cluless also. Is the small intestine suppossed to make IGG? I think I saw that it is once.

    Yeah, I see the catch 22 of needing nutrients to recover and needing to absorb them to get them and have commented on that myself a couple of times.


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    Hi Audra,

    I am sorry you had to suffer with eczema and fatigue, but am so glad you appear to have found the root! You also can/have been able to do something about it.

    Get well,


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