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    I’m not sure if this cooking texhnology affects food the same way a microwave does. I couldn’t determine that from reading about it, so I didn’t buy one.

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    You could be reacting from something you ate prior, which sometimes takes an hour or two to manifest, and coincidently, you’re handling food at the time it strikes.

    Smelling food starts the digestive process. You get more saliva and start producing more enzymes and acids for a meal your body thinks is soon to come. All this from just smell. If you don’t eat, then you can fill with gas since the enzymes, etc. don’t have food to work on. They lay in your gut, irritate it, and you get gas.

    Years ago my stomach would look 4 months pregnant from gas after most meals, and it sure did hurt. I didn’t figure out until years later that I had Candida and gluten issues. It happened again a few days back after eating too many potato chips. I cheated, so I paid for it with gas. It took hours for the gas to move out. I can’t eat more then 20-25 grams of carbohydrates a day. That would roughly translate into 4 or 5 servings of vegetables a day (1/4 to 1/2 cup per serving). Anything over that and I get too much gas.

    I had a friend who suffers from a muscle jerking disease Myoclonus, who looked 9 months pregnant all the time. Very rarely did her stomach go down, and when it did, I’d ask her what she didn’t eat. She had no clue. She once went on a diet that happened to eliminate grains and dairy. She lost weight, and her belly flattened. She didn’t stay with it long, so she swelled up again. Her mother must be gluten intolerant since she has Parkinson’s, diabetes, and heart issues linked to gluten. Her brother is celiac from childhood, never gave gluten up, and now has Lymphoma. I’m sure my friend is gluten intolerant, but she won’t give it up.

    It’s not something I want to remember. I spent 8 or more hours on some days laying on the couch the whole time with extreme exhaustion from feeling like I didn’t digest my food and it was laying under my breastbone like non heartburn reflux, which also made it hard to take a deep breath. I couldn’t function on those days.

    Odors can bother some people with Candida, but i don’t know the reason. Some people who don’t have Candida are bothered by perfumes, gasoline, etc. Strong enough odors can give some people reflux. I was using Swiffer floor cleaning pads and decided I really don’t like the smell, so I’m staying with baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and Bon Ami, all odorless. I’ll find something for the floors out of those. I never liked it vinegar. I also felt it was too strong a taste. Sometimes I can tolerate a tiny amount mixed in with oil, but right now I can’t eat it with Candida.

    Twenty years ago I had Candida after taking antibiotics. Smelling vinegar would make me exhausted for over 8 hours. It took a year to get well. Gluten didn’t show up at the time. Today, after taking antibiotics and doing a gluten challenge which helped it show up in testing, I am once again sick with Candida, gluten and 21 other food intolerances, chronic fatigue, thyroid problems, and a poor functioning gut. I won’t go near vinegar. The fumes give me reflux. Since I’m sicker this time, it will probably take me 2 to 3 years to heal this time.

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    I use it for that, and as a deodorant, mixing a pinch with warm water. I also use it as a scrub, by making a paste a drop thinner then toothpaste consistency, and lightly scrubbing for 30 seconds all over, scrubbing a bit more on brown spots since it helps to lighten them as you peel the layers away over time. You could then apply lemon juice to the spots after that. I clean with it too. I hate products with chemicals and fragrances.

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    I had an Elisa blood test for 100 foods done. I’ve had dust and mold allergy for 35 years, but this flu like feeling I had was the first 3 weeks of this month. It made my symptoms much worse then they had to be. Instead of slightly dry eyes, the dust totally dried them out so I was blurry the entire day.

    Going gluten free didn’t help, but it will once I heal enough since gluten intolerance destroys your defenses so food and airborne allergens become an issue.

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    I switched to grass fed meats but don’t know if I feel better for it. I had a reaction to eggs recently, so I thought chicken diets were filtering down into them. It could have been I had gastritis at the time so I couldn’t handle the eggs just then, or maybe I’ve become intolerant to them after I was tested for foods. I’ve found some mention on the web about supermarket meats being just fine since the proteins of gluten that might be in the meat are destroyed during digestion. A problem can exisit if you’re super sensitive. I also read about organic produce having more chemicals used on them that haven’t been tested and might be more dangerous then what’s used on conventional produce, which was hidden from the public. It’s being called organic watergate. I’m switching back to conventional meats and produce for now to see how I feel. If I should discover I did better going the other route after all, I’ll switch back.

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    You!re getting close to or in peri menopause, so it’s very difficult to lose weight now. If you eat only meat and other proteins, salad, veggies, and fish, you’ll drop the weight easily. That means no grains, starchy vegetables, potatoes, rice, dairy, sugar, or alcohol. Once you lose it all, you can add back some potato and starchy vegetables to slow or stop further weight loss. I had the same problem at your age and couldn’t lose a pound for 8 years. If I had gone on this diet, I would have. Sugar and grains are your enemy.

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    Thanks for the info. After 6 weeks of gastritis that’s healing slowly since I’m not taking anything for it, I get woozy and fatigued after eating most meals, especially if they have more fat in them. I’ll be home in a week and will see my MD nutritionist since I don’t take anything unless He says I need it. I’ll also be getting an endoscopy to see what’s happening in my gut.

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    I use water to brush with and floss. Every few days I use a paste made with 3% hydrogen peroxide mixed with baking soda to polish and whiten. I use baking soda and water as a paste to shampoo with, and rince with white vinegar. No need to look for toothpaste and shampoo since both work great and are inexpensive.

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    I couldn’t find a subligual B12 out there that didn’t contain a sugar I can’t have for the Candida, or mannitol, which gives me terrible cramps and the runs. My doctor probably has one I can take. I just have to get home to see him. I’d prefer all my supplements be sublingual actually. If that’s possible, that would be great. I’m exploring histamine intolerance since those foods do bother me. Candida isn’t helping since it makes histamine levels worse.

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    I too have Hasimoto’s, Candida, and many food intolerances. When I eat something my body hates, I get extreme exhaustion not being able to digest it, which lasts at least 6 hours. It’s a horrible feeling. It makes it hard to breathe as well. It’s vital you steer clear of all gluten, all foods that make Candida worse, and any food you’re intolerant to or that doesn’t sit well with you once you’ve eaten it. They produce inflammation EVERY time you eat them whether you get symptoms or not, which affects everything that’s wrong with you, and you won’t heal. The body mistakes the following foods along with any food you’re allergic or intolerant too, as if they were gluten: eggs, dairy, coffee, legumes (and all nuts), potatoes, and the other nightshades tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers especially if they don’t agree with you in even the smallest way. You have to heal your stomach and intestines which will correct the thyroid, by eating ONLY protein and vegetables that agree, and stay clear of all the junky gluten free garbage products that are out there. Take only the nutritional supplements your doctor has determined you actually need. Keep blood sugar steady which also affects thyroid function, by eating some protein every 2 or 3 hours even if you’re not hungry. If you crave sugar or feel fatigue after eating, you ate too many vegetable carbs and not enough protein. Find the ratio of protein to carbs that eliminates these symptoms after eating. If you feel nauseous when you get up and have no appetitie (thyroid related), force yourself to take a small bite or two of protein. The nausea will go away. Eat breakfast within one hour of getting up. Don’t delay meals. If you are 100% compliant and don’t cheat, you will eventually heal and perhaps you’ll be fortunate to never need thyroid medication and will once again be able to enjoy the foods you can’t right now, except for gluten which you’ll never be able to eat ever again. It’s what started this whole thing. There is no other way. One man’s food is another man’s poison. Stop eating your poisonous foods.

    Unintentionally being served an intolerant food that a restaurant put in my meal by mistake, gave me a tremendous gas attack that led to acute gastritis. Now my stomach is even more sensitive and less efficient then before. Four weeks later, I got thyroiditis for the first time in years. It takes the thyroid time to react, so thyroid symptoms don’t appear right away after an assault. They lag behind. I’ve lost weight eating only protein and veggies in spite of Hasimoto’s. I know it will take me at least 2 to 3 years to heal.

    I’m having the same problem. I think our server sites might be the issue, or maybe this site is crashing from popularity. I just got an ipad but haven’t gotten a chance to use it yet to see if that will make a difference. Apparently your new computer wasn’t the answer. I have no patience either.

    How are you feeling these days? You told me you had improved to a certain degree months back but still working on it. I’ve had issues these last 4 months while spending time in Florida away from the cold weather and my doctor. I kept getting sick from the very food intolerances I told restaurants to keep out of my food! It lead to suffering for a good 4 days afterwards from fatigue, gas, reflux without heartburn, and IBS all hitting at once. I eventually got gastritis and a thyroiditis attack. I’m wiser now, and order only safer foods like steamed lobsters or stone crabs. The rest of my meal which would be salad and/or veggie, I eat when I get home. I’m finding contamination in all restaurants and most don’t take food intolerance seriously. Most restaurants don’t have a gluten free section in their kitchens even if they have gluten free items on the menu. My husband doesn’t mind eating like me which makes meal preparation much easier. He’s lost weight, and his diabetes looks like it’s finally responding to my diet and his sugar is normal most of the time. He has a good chance of getting off all medication if he keeps this up.

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    I am deficient in B12, Vit. D, folic acid, and magnesium. I’m not digesting my food which doesn’t help me build back nutritional deficiencies easily. I recently had gastritis from eating a hidden intolerant food, which further disrupted my stomach lining function. After 4 weeks of healing from it, I had thyroiditis yesterday for the first time in ages. I might be far more sensitive to gluten then I realize. I found a pasta noodle in my steamed spinach days ago, and was fatigued for 3 days from it. My thyroiditis could have been gluten whiplash for all I know. I’m not willing to gluten myself again to find out if this is the case. That would be a bad idea and not very good for my thyroid function.

    I’m aware supplements can be tricky and that the body may not recognize them completely like it does food. I was considering doing the Gaps diet to heal my stomach lining, unless the caveman diet which I’m on will do the job just as well even if it takes longer. As far as I know, my adrenal function was ok when tested this past July. It’s hard to know which approach to use. There are so many opposite opinions on what to do. Some doctors say we need a lot of iodine, some say it’s exactly what we should stay away from if we have Hasimoto’s. I’ll look into Jeff McCombs Candida therapy. Thanks for that info. It’s possible I need higher amounts of B12, etc. now. I haven’t been tested the last 4 months since I spent that time in Florida away from my doctor.

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