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    @Rita Bray said:
    The person that cancels the memberships is not in the office everyday. But when I have emailed to this address she responds in a few days.


    On Monday, May 5th, 2014, I sent an email to this email address explaining that I wished to cancel my membership and now it is after business hours on Thursday, May 8th, 2014 and I still haven’t heard back.

    I want to cancel my account and I need help!  Where can I get help???



    Hi Diana and thanks for your reply!

    Yes, the expiration date is good and from what I have read, Chantix is gluten-free. Now as for the type of fillers in the medication, I don’t know about that.

    After I posted the above message last night, I realized I should have been more specific that the symptoms I have are not new. They started way before my attempt to quit smoking and way before my hysterectomy.

    I’ve read about the neurological symptoms from celiac and how these are sometimes the last to go. Well, I believe that!

    If anyone knows of any herbs/foods/etc. to help with smoking cessation, hot flashes, and all the neurological issues, I would certainly appreciate your input. Oh, and the bloating!

    I know you generally gain a few pounds when you quit smoking. I don’t like it, but am prepared for it. I MUST be successful this time. That in itself has to help my nerves to some extent.

    Thanks. :-)

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    Hmmm, it could be an identical recipe.  That's one thing I've found looking through paleo recipes…that you can find the same one on several different sites.  Regardless of where it came from…it is sooooooo delicious.

    I've been sick the past few days and I am supposed to be on bed rest (yeah, right…in whose world is that possible) so anything I can do to pamper myself is at the top of my lists.  Smile  And I know the microwave isn't at the top of the list as a way to cook, but some times, you gotta do what you gotta do.  And I needed something that was quick and kept me on my feet for as little time as possible.  This was it!

    You know how their are times that you drive somewhere and you are lost in thought and then all the sudden you are at your destination and you don't even remember driving there???  (Well, it happens to me all the time.)  I think my feet are taking over my body right now…yep, they are making me get off the recliner.  I'm heading to the kitchen.  Slow down, the rest of me can't get there as fast.  Whoa!!!

    Wink Have a great evening all!

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    Okay,  posting the above recipe was too much for me.  My feet carried me to the kitchen as soon as I finished.

    I made the Chocolate Mug Cake as above (5 original ingredients).

    Then, I made a topping using most of the same ingredients:


    1 – 2 T. dark cocoa powder

    2 T. honey

    1 T. coconut oil

    1 T. almond butter

    Coconut (enough for your taste…I probably used close to 2 T.)

    Walnuts (I used about 1 1/2 T.)


    I microwaved the first three ingredients 30 seconds as in the cake recipe above.  Then I stirred in the almond butter.  Then I added the coconut and walnuts and poured it all over the top of the Mug Cake.  It seeped down the sides and the dessert is so good and gooey. 


    Since I eat healthy veggies and meats all day and since it is so hard to prepare meals at home because no one else will eat healthy and I am tired of trying to please everyone else, this might be a really good dinner that I could live with.  Wink 


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    Thank you so much Lori.  You are a wealth of information.  “Baby Steps”…that is a term I use all the time.  I will try to find good dry beans.  I like navy for baked beans and other recipes.  I do read the ingredients.  Just like nuts, that you would never think would have anything in them, most can have the chance of cross-contamination.  And like you, I prefer a company (unless they have a dedicated grain/gluten free facility) that will admit, there is a possibility.  It doesn't always make me feel that great about what I am buying but better about the honesty of the company.

    I always wash, soak overnight, wash again, and then cook my beans as well.  Hopefully that will take care of anything that may have been in contact with them.

    As far as potatoes, we usually have baked potatoes on Friday evenings.  It's just something that is easy and I don't have to stand over them while they cook.  Everyone else can pile theirs with butter, sour cream, cheese, and bacon bits and I can put sauteed mushrooms, broccoli, or something else on mine. 🙂

    I found the recipe.  It sounds really good.  It is something I would eat, but no one else.  A lot of recipes are that way due to their food restrictions but a lot is due to stubborness. 

    Thanks again!!!

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    Thanks Jackie,

    That's what I need to know.  I'll use honey in place of the xylitol and I will try equal amounts.

    My cold is much better (been in bed all week) and I just have a little bit of cough and runny nose left.  The worst thing is the fatigue!!! And that can take a while to get over. 

    I hope yours gets better soon!!!

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    Thanks for the great ideas and the links!  I eat lots of chicken soup and beef stew.  I saw a recipe (I can't remember the site) for Egg Drop Soup and when I last made my chicken noodle soup, I drizzled egg in it to add more protein and it was really good.  But those are things I eat for my lunches.  Dinners are hardest.  I am trying.

    Several months ago, I used gluten free bread for breadcrumbs to make meatloaf, etc.  After all, bread crumbs are about all most of that stuff is good for anyway.  Yucky.  I did almond bread then but the recipe also used other flours.  This weekend I will work on some bread with almond/coconut flours only.  Even if I don't start out making the best bread for just eating, at least it will hold my meatloaf together. Laugh

    I do have a question.  Lori, you mentioned beans above.  I have read they are okay and I have read they are not okay.  It's the same with white potatoes.  Can you explain the differences in opinion.  I love beans and potatoes and I have tried to limit them but if I don't need to limit them, I can make some great baked beans tomorrow and put them up for dinner this week.  When are beans and white potatoes good for you and when are they not good for you? 




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    Thanks for the info and the link.  Thankfully, for once in my life I don't worry about calories.  I would be more toward trying to get in the additional calories than not.  I don't use Stevia (tried it a long time ago then heard about how it can cause blood sugar problems) or any artificial sweetener.  Sometimes I eat things that I thought were fine and then realize they may have an artificial sweetener in them and thats when I RELUCTANTLY give up one more thing.  🙂  The only other thing I will use is pure maple syrup.  I know it isn't supposed to be a good choice either but I'm not sure why not. 


    How would I substitute honey?  For example, this recipe calls for 1/4 cup Xylitol.  How much honey would that be?  Or how much agave would that be?


    Thanks again!


    (If I end up with two posts here, I apologize.  I 'think' I forgot to hit post the first time.) Confused

    in reply to: XYLITOL #9700

    Do you know how much honey you would use…for example, the recipe calls for 1/4 c Xylitol.  How much honey would that be?  …or Agave? 


    I don't use Stevia or artificial sweeteners.  I use honey and agave.  My next option would be pure maple syrup which I know is not a preferred option but for some things, it has the best flavor. 


    Thanks for the explanation of Xylitol and the link.   

    in reply to: Food Irradiation??? #9695

    Thanks a bunch for this info!  I'm going to have to search further for meats before I just give up and scream.  🙂  If you tried to prepare meals for my family with all the different health issues and tastes…one of which will not try new foods.  No these are not children.  It would be much easier if I was dealing with kids! Shakespeare could have written a tragic comedy about mealtime in our home.


    We did get some from a local farmer.  The bacon was fantastic, but the ground beef was so greasy (so it shrunk A LOT) and had bones in it.  I would like to find ground chuck. I am also trying to feed four people.  As small as those bones are, they get caught in the throat of one (who has damage due to a very bad job with radiation after cancer and now has a very narrow opening for the food to pass) and another with diverticulitis who takes drastic measures to watch anything that can possibly settle into the pockets as he was told if he has another attack, he will have to have emergency surgery to remove part of his colon. 

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    Yeah, I used to go to a Bible study on Tuesday evenings.  That was when I discovered I had Celiac disease.  We always had a wonderful potluck before the study.  I had to start asking what was in everything.  I already had to ask on a lot of items because my husband has diverticulitis and there are many things he was told by his doctor that he should not eat.

    Everyone was very understanding and some would even bring things for him and/or me to make sure we could eat.  I started taking my own food most of the time.  We always had coffee after the dinner.  One of the ladies, a NURSE, started bring the coffee … Dunkin' DoNuts flavored coffee.  I asked one night if it was regular or flavored (it was one where I couldn't really tell the difference by smell.) and she about had a cow.  She was really hateful and I can't remember all that she said except that she told me I needed to bring my own food if what everyone else brought wasn't good enough. 

    At first I was both hurt and furious.  I had a few choice words for her too but not what I would have like to have said but I kept it toned down considering it was Bible study.  As I said earlier, everyone else was fine with making sure I didn't eat what I shouldn't.  I didn't keep anyone from making what they wanted.  Part of me says she was jealous because since people were always asking me about gluten, she wasn't getting the attention she was used to getting.  (She enjoyed hogging the glory and conversation.)  So in the end, I stopped going to a Bible study with others that I loved because of this. 

    It is very hard for others to understand.  My husband tries, but even he can only understand a certain amount.  It's just something we have to deal with.  But even thinking back, it still makes me furious.

    On the other side of the table, another thing that makes me furious are the parents in line at WalMart who are clearly very unhealthy, with their kids who look as unhealthy as them.  They have their buggies full of junk and they are also buying crap at the check out lines.  I want to scream at them and tell them what they are doing to their children.  I know it wouldn't do any good to go about it that way but I feel like just taking all the crap out of their buggies and telling them what they should be eating.  🙂

    in reply to: DOES “GLUTEN FREE” BREAD MAKE YOU FEEL BAD? #9660

    It's been a long time since I have even attempted it so I can't remember any gassiness or constipation.  I bought a bread machine because I was going to become a great gluten-free bread maker … right.  I made some that was horrible and some that was not all that bad.  But they all caused bloating and this horrible feeling of not being able to swallow it.  I always felt like it was sticking all the way down.  That's been my experience with the home made and the store bought. 

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