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    Thanks. The concern/question about carob (and shea butter in a separate thread) is that if I understood Dr. O correctly, ALL grains, seeds, beans and nuts are not that good for us. Did I get that correctly? If so, that's why I'm asking about carob (and shea butter).



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    Thanks for the feedback.

    Do you know of anything to remove the thallium in the body, for example saunas, etc.?

    I do take baths prescribed by my homeopath of baking soda and salt, and a mild solution of Clorox – Hazel Purcell's formula.

    Do you know of any oral chelates, etc.? I've tried blood chelation but would prefer to stay away from it.

    Wikipedia reports something about a product called Prussian Blue or Radiogardase which is useful to chelate thallium or cesium…

    We will check our village water report.

    We do have a good whole house filter.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)