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    I started out by self-diagnosing.   I decided to try gluten free/wheat free to see if I noticed any difference.   Well, it was INSTANTLY better for me!   My main symptom was only fatigue, but it was like night and day when I went traditional gluten free.   I have been living like that for 4 years now.  


    But I have just had my first round of allergy testing with a naturopath, using ALCAT, and the results are daunting to say the least.   It was confirmation of what I expected on a few categories:  gluten intolerant, casein intolerant, ALL sugars intolerant, yeast intolerant, candida issues (still!).  


    But the total shocker is just how many HEALTHY foods I cannot have, due to severe intolerances:   turkey, flax, coconut, walnuts, pecans, kale, eggs, ginger, BASIL (???), tuna, sunflower seeds, cranberries, just TONS of things, in fact, more than 100 foods.   I am left with virtually nothing to eat, frankly.   Many of these things I ate every day and they are on my severely intolerant list.   I am even reacting to all kinds of herbs and supplements.    I am in addition to being gluten intolerant also allergic to wheat, rice, and wild rice, millet, and certain types of lettuce, all members of the grass family.  


    Despite all of these results, I am generally healthy and strong, and don't feel bad.   I have only had a cold once in 4 years.  So I must be reacting internally where I can't see it.   


    I had over the past year converted all my recipes to coconut oil-based (to avoid dairy) and nut flour based (to avoid grains) and now I am apparently severely intolerant of coconut and most nuts (but not almond!   YAY!).    So it is like all my hard work is pointless and I have to start all over again and come up with a plan.     There is virtually no fat I can use now since butter, coconut oil, flax, various nuts, and some meats are out for me.  


    What I am wondering at this point is whether or not I should follow the food allergen rotation/elimination plan of attack, or if I should concentrate on TRUE gluten free (I have been TRADITIONAL so far), or both, and which came first, the gluten intolerance, the food allergies and intolerances, or the candida?  


    I know that the body can heal anything if given the right inputs.   I want my gut to heal.   Looking at everyone else's complex testing makes me wonder about getting that done too, but I feel like just my own experience and allergy testing is enough to go on to know that I have to be GF for life.   My daughter and son also have similar allergies and my daughter follows the protocol as well but my son being 20 refuses, of course, and he's in the worst shape symptom wise.   Cry



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    You know, you could just use ground up vanilla beans.   That is what I use for virtually everything.   It is expensive and your recipes will have all the little brown flecks in them, but I don't care about that.  I get mine from the Natural News store.Laugh

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    You know, for all you pasta lovers out there, you can get KELP NOODLES which are a great substitute and totally gluten free, since they are made from seaweed.   They are flavorless, colorless (see through) and like a gel almost, but they hold up well to sauces.  

    Also, at our house we use kale or collard greens thinly sliced and lightly cooked as “noodles.”   Laugh

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