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    Hi Line Kolbe!

    I wish I knew more about genetic testing and how to correctly answer your question. Why are you wanting to get tested? Is it to confirm that you have a gluten intolerance because you have been experiencing symptoms of being gluten intolerant, want to verification of your concerns or for peace of mind? Everyone’s reason is different :)

    I don’t have to ability to do genetic testing for my clients so if they have concerns about being sensitive, having Celiac or intolerant, I will have them do an elimination diet for about 10 days. An elimination diet is when you eliminate the trigger food from your diet for at least 10 days and then slowly introduce it back into your diet and see if you feel any better or worse. It’s the easiest way to test your body for sensitivities to certain foods. If you want the peace of mind of actually being diagnosed, then further testing, like the one you ordered, would be beneficial to have.


    I have a colonoscopy preformed a few years back (to test for celiac. I didnt know there were other ways to test, like genetically) and it was determined I do NOT have a gluten intolerance or Celiac from that specific test. However, when I decided to go gluten free for good a few months later, that’s when my symptoms started to decrease, my health slowly began to come back, and I knew I didn’t need a test to confirm my suspicions. I felt better and for me that was enough :)


    Hope you find the answers your are seeking :)

    Coconut oil is definitely the way to go if you are allergic to olive oil. Consuming this right types of Omega 6’s are actually beneficial to our health. Most people hear omega 6 and run the other way! It’s because as a society, we are lead to believe that omega 6’s, which is found mostly in fast food, ie. vegetable oils (made up on corn and soy-both of which are not even vegetables) are super unhealthy for us, will raise our cholesterol, and make us gain weight. Well that is true but not all omega’s are created equally! Coconut oil has been shown, time and time again, to be a healthy saturated fat. You can also try cooking without oil, use coconut milk (with delicious spices), water, broths or like Dr. O said, rendered fat from grass fed meats.


    Hope that helps Austin!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)