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    Hello..Just joined to see if I can sort out what is wrong. I have not been tested or DX with gluten problems but after 10 days plus of elimination of glutens and processed foods (plus caffeine and sugars) I am having reemerging of symptoms when trying to add grains back (including rice). That should be DX enough, but it isn’t exactly something I want to accept.


    I am looking for information, support, and the final kick in the rear to deal with this. Major symptom of concern is serious edema only in my right leg ( 6 years of testing with no answers) and stubborn belly fat despite diet and exercise. Also lately some arthritic symptoms in my hands. I suspect recent retinal problems are probably linked ( now that I am more educated). 

    New to all of this…I live in the Central Ohio area and so any direction to supportive docs or groups would be appreciated.

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