Ultra Q

Premium Quercertin Supplement

High Potency Quercetin with OPC for Enhanced Absorption

Ultra Q is your solution for managing inflammation (repair deficits) and for stimulating cell repair naturally.* This advanced formulation enhances the body’s innate immune system and its ability to repair more effectively than any other anti-inflammatory or flavonoid/ flavanol combination.*
Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as AdvilTM or ibuprofen, work by blocking or poisoning the body’s cyclooxygenase system even though this enzyme catalyst is essential for the body to repair itself. NSAID side effects include dizziness, constipation, ringing in the ears, and intestinal ulcers. In contrast, when healthy repair is restored and completed, a down regulation of COX2 occurs naturally.* Ultra Q achieves anti-inflammatory benefits in safer and more effective, natural ways without the heart and stroke risks confirmed for all COX2 inhibiting drugs.*

Quercetin is said to help with the following:

  • Allergies
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Inflammation
  • Colds


Quercetin dihydrate (1000 mg), the safest and most easily absorbed form of quercetin.* The body only assimilates about 1%
of most forms of quercetin, yet it easily absorbs 100% of monomeric quercetin dihydrate.*
Pomegranate juice powder (60 mg): A potent antioxidant known for its pro-repair, anti-inflammatory, free radical trapping
properties.* From the Bible to the Koran to the Gita, pomegranate juice is prized and recommended for its many health properties.
OPC flavanols (10 mg) provides advanced cell stress protection and connective tissue (collagen and elastin) restoration

Supplements Facts
Serving Size: 1 Tablet
Servings per container: 90
Amount per Serving
Daily Value
Quercetin Dehydrate
1000 mg
Pomegranate Juice Powder (High ORAC)
1000 mg

How to use

Daily Maintenance:

Take 2 Tabsules per day.

Optimal Performance:

Take 4 - 6 Tabsules per day.

Under High Stress:

Take 8 Capsules Max


It can be taken with or without food.


What is the main benefit of taking Ultra Q?

Quercetin may help you to reduce inflammation and to stimulate cell repair, also it helps to recover from exercise.

Why include pomegranate juice powder and flavanols in this formula?

The combination of this 3 flavonoid has demonstrated more efficacy .

Can I experience side effects from taking this supplement?

Short answer, no.
Quercertin has been proved to be safe and without any side effect, check the dosage instructions.

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