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Top Foods To Avoid On a Gluten Free Diet

For those just getting started on a gluten free diet, the task can be very daunting.  Identifying what to and what not to avoid is where most people get stuck or frustrated.   Below we have put together a video and a list of some of the most common foods that will get you into trouble […]

Sources of Hidden Gluten & Cross Contamination Part 1

Gluten Free Doesn’t Always Mean Gluten Free Hidden gluten and cross contamination of gluten in your foods is a very common phenomenon.  Often times, sources of exposure are in areas that one fails to discover.  The following video series will help you navigate some of the under recognized danger zones, and if you want an […]

Packaged Food – High Risk for Cross Contamination of Gluten

A new pilot study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association finds a that high number of “gluten free” products are cross contaminated… Twenty-two inherently gluten-free grains, seeds, and flours not labeled gluten-free were purchased in June 2009 and sent unopened to a company who specializes in gluten analysis. All samples were homogenized […]

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