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Cesarean Section Linked to Increased Risk of Celiac Disease

A recent study found an increased risk of celiac disease for babies born by cesaren section vs. babies born by natural vaginal delivery. The authors conclude that they are not sure why this association exists… Source: Pediatrics, online May 17, 2010 Gluten Free Society’s Stance: This study brings to light a major problem… Humans are […]

Autoimmunity, Gluten, & Osteoporosis

A new report in the New England Journal of Medicine identifies antibodies against osteoprotegerin (a protein that prevents bone breakdown) in several patients with celiac disease. This protein is responsible for helping maintain bone density. When it is attacked by the body’s immune system, bone loss becomes accelerated leading to osteoporosis. Source: N Engl J […]

Schizophrenia and Celiac Disease Linked

Research continues to link schizophrenia to gluten sensitivity/intolerance: Another study demonstrates that patients diagnosed with schizophrenia have higher levels of antibodies to gluten. In this study, researchers found that schizophrenics had a tendency to have elevated tTG (tissue transglutaminase) levels. Source: Schizophr Bull. 2009 Jun 3. [Epub ahead of print] Gluten Free Society’s Stance: Much […]

Silent Celiac Disease Causes Premature Death

The following article is being cited from Dr. Peterson, author of The Gluten Effect, and Physician at Health Now Medical Center Research Cites Dramatic Increased Incidence of Celiac Disease Dr Joseph Murray, a Mayo Clinic specialist in gastroenterology led a study which spanned 5 decades and included over 9,000 participants. It was presented in the […]

Gluten Sensitivity – Not Just For Celiac Disease!

Marios Hadjivassiliou and colleagues have published yet another paper on gluten sensitivity… The Summary of the paper is below. Bolded points shed light on many misconceptions about gluten sensitivity. “Gluten sensitivity is a systemic autoimmune disease with diverse manifestations. This disorder is characterised by abnormal immunological responsiveness to ingested gluten in genetically susceptible individuals. Coeliac […]