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NBC Discusses Celiac Disease with University of Chicago

Although this commentary is great PR for the gluten free diet as a whole, it was over focused on celiac disease and misleading for those with gluten sensitivity. Let’s break down the message: The good doctor gave a 4 second blurb about gluten intolerance basically ignoring its existence. Most GI doctors will call you crazy […]

Lab testing for celiac patients inaccurate

A new study on children with celiac disease finds that using anti-gliadin antibodies (AGA) to monitor dietary compliance is inaccurate. The authors report an increase in the amount of children who have negative test results to gliadin (the gluten component of wheat). CONCLUSION: Serum AGA seem no longer useful for monitoring compliance to gluten-free diet. […]

Biopsy Testing For Celiac Disease Completely Flawed!

Researches tried to identify whether children with positive celiac blood tests (endomysial antibodies or EmA) but negative biopsy results for celiac disease would benefit on a gluten free diet. The children suffered with gastrointestinal symptoms similar to celiac disease symptoms. The researchers found that children who continued to eat gluten had increased symptoms and worsening […]