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Ultra Zinc

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According to researchers, zinc deficiency occurs in up to 67% of patients with gluten sensitivity. Because zinc is vital to hundreds of chemical reactions in the body, many patients who go gluten free continue to experience symptoms of poor health due to the persistent deficiency of this essential mineral.

When it comes to body functions, zinc is one of the most important essential minerals. Zinc plays important roles in growth, development, immune function, sexual function, skin health, GI function, healing, and detoxification. Ultra Zinc is a complete formula that uses a blend of two fully soluble, ionized zinc sources. It was created for maximum absorption and effectiveness.

36 reviews for Ultra Zinc

  1. .

    I have taken different types of zinc over the years. Most of them caused nausea and stomach upset. This zinc formula goes down with no problem. I use it to keep my immune system strong in the winter. Haven’t gotten a flu yet! Thanks Dr. Osborne!

  2. Lisa H.

    I bought this supplement because I was low on the spectra cell test. It seems to be working. Haven’t been sick this year yet. Awesome.

  3. Gary I.

    Living for decades with undiagnosed cealiac disease has left me with a zinc deficiency and I haven’t had any true success with zinc supplements until THIS one. Let’s just say I’ve been waking up in the morning with a “stimulation” I haven’t known for over 15 years at least. Also, my emotions are more stable than they’ve been in years. This zinc is absorbed well and ACTUALLY used by my body.

  4. Peter V.

    Great product, really like the included P5P in an appropriate dose, not too much which would cause some side effects

  5. .

    Never have I used a supplement where I noticed an immediate surge of energy and feeling of wellness. This product is a “keeper” for me!

  6. Peter V.

    great product, thanks

  7. Sandie W.

    Love all these supplements

  8. Paula D.

    I noticed marks on my fingernails. Did annual blood work and found I have a zinc deficiency! This supplement is gentle and effective!

  9. Lisa F.

    I love this zinc supplement! It is the only one I have found that doesn’t have added fillers. Also I have less anxiety and white spots on the nails are starting to go away.

  10. Mandy L.

    Great supplement to address my deficiencies without fillers!

  11. Cynthia B.

    I am celiac and every time I tried taking Zinc my stomach would hurt for several hours. I tried different brands and it happened each time. So I came to the source for gf Suppliments not thinking it would make much difference since those other ones did not list gluten. However, I have had no problem what so ever with this zinc. I am very pleased and it makes me wonder about some of my other suppliments.

  12. Karen H.

    I had a zinc deficiency and Dr. Osborne prescribed this supplement among others for my deficiencies. I am feeling like a different person. He tested, diagnosed and found the root of my health issues. After being on these supplements for 8 weeks, I have energy and health again.

  13. Perooz G.

    Awesome product.

  14. Maile E.

    I had no idea I was deficient in so many micronutrients. Ultra Zinc is helping my body restore itself. I am sleeping better, thinking more clearly and definitely have more energy. Thank you Dr. Osborne.

  15. daniel w.

    definitely helps with colds

  16. WILLIAM B.

    I use zinc and other products for lupus, it is an excellent product.

  17. DEB K.

    Just started taking it. I always catch everything during flu/cold season.

  18. Rita W.

    The first time I took this supplemental caused me to have an upset stomach. I realized I had taken it on an empty stomach. Since then I have taken it in the middle of a meal and not had any problems. It has seemed to work on keeping me from getting the flu or any other virus. I wanted it to provide additional protection and it has done the trick.

  19. Janice L.

    This is an excellent product and my favorite zinc supplement. I have used this in the past with good results.

  20. .

    I always take this zinc after my morning meal. I have no nausea from it. I bought it for extra protection from viruses to go with my clean eating regimen.

  21. Debbie L.

    No filler is why i use Dr Pete Osborne vitamin

  22. Delores W.

    Great product without fillers. It really helped fix my zinc deficiency and improved my immune system.

  23. Elba V.

    I take zine to help with sleep. I take before bed and I find myself sleeping in a short time. Love his products

  24. Valarie A W.

    Have been taking zinc for years. This is the best yet! I have nothing new to say!

  25. .

    Ultra Zinc for healthy immune support during cold and flu season in New England!
    Thank you Dr Osborne for quality and convenience.

  26. Gail L.

    This product is part of my arsenal for staying healthy. It is easy to take and I know that it’s gluten-free. This is one of many Dr. Osborne supplements that I take to stay healthy. Great products!

  27. Kathryn S.

    Zinc is a great supplement for colds/Covid. I take it off and on. I trust Dr Osborne’s supplements. I am better for the care of Dr Osborne.


    Yet another daily supplement I won’t be without! Ultra Zinc, D, Ultra NAC & Detox C are a winning combination.

  29. Debra J.

    I use Ultra Zinc on a daily basis to help strengthen my immune system. It really works. If I feel a cold coming on I double my normal dosage of Ultra Zinc, along with Detox C Tabsules, and the cold symptoms disappear within several hours.

  30. .

    I’m thankful for finding Dr. Osborne with high quality supplements that are gluten free including no rice or other fillers that can trigger an autoimmune response with a rise in antibodies.

  31. Joan P.

    I take 2 a day, and never get sick, not even a cold! Great product!

  32. Chris B.

    My husband and I started taking this to help with our immune system.

  33. Yesenia T.

    Love all dr osbourne supplement ! I know Iam not gonna get grain contamination ! This zinc is awesome don’t get sick while on it n no reactions ! 😊

  34. Sue S.

    We really like this zinc supplement not only because of the trusted ingrediants but also because they are very easy to break in half if we don’t want the full dosage.

  35. Milka S.

    I will highly recommend Dr. Osborne supplements, excellent quality..

  36. Dianne B.

    I switched to Ultra Zinc after finding out that my present food based zinc had grains, corn, and other gluten type ingredients in it. I’ve been very pleased with Ultra Zinc, and I know it’s safe for me as a Celiac.

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