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Ultra Q

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27 reviews for Ultra Q

  1. Sj navage

    I take one at bed time!!! Keeps my one hip from aching. Love that! I love everything I get here.

  2. Cathy Palasz

    This product is a “must have” especially during the flu and virus seasons! Since quercetin attracts and drives zinc absorption, it’s part of the recipe for outstanding health – and knowing I’m not exposing myself to gluten. Thank you Dr. Osborne.

  3. Grace

    Love it.

  4. Linda

    This supplement has lessened my postnasal drip in 3 weeks. I am taking it with Zinc to protect against viral infection.

  5. Kristi

    I like the formulation. I take it to boost my antioxidants and help with immune health.

  6. D

    I really like this product a lot. It seems to help keep my immune system strong.

  7. Lani Smith

    This comes in a higher dose than most others so you only have to take one and includes other great ingredients including fiber.

  8. Susan Perry

    I’m glad to take a supplement that strengthens my immune system.

  9. Eben

    Using over a year and are using to prevent any viral infections, along with zinc. We have had no flu or virus

  10. Tamara Watt

    I have tried so many products on the market and unfortunately I was on high amounts of ibuprofen for a few years due to the chronic inflammatory pain in my body. After working with Dr. Osborne and listening to his live Q&A’s I was introduced to ultra Q. Nothing has made me feel better and taken away a lot of my pain and improve my digestion remarkably like ultra Q has!!
    it’s SO great to finally have a product that works in my body and that I can count on. One thing I’ve learned it only works to its fullest potential when I keep the foods that trigger my pain out of my diet that has been a huge critical learning curve for me.

    It’s a must have in your daily regimen!!!


    This product has no corn in it and is a higher milligram than some.

  12. James Baur

    This stuff seems to have a great effect on boosting the immune system.

  13. Scott Johnson

    Essentially vitamin to have around after surgery

  14. Craig Offhaus

    Taking preventative measures against the threats of COVID and other diseases is a far better approach than taking action after having contracted the virus. Ultra Q is a unique blend of organic plant compounds that help to strengthen the immune system and protect the body from foreign invaders. Taking Ultra Q on a regular basis along with following a healthy gluten free diet and adequate sleep give me confidence that I am safe from debilitating disease.

  15. Louisa

    Using this to ward off viruses & its been great! Benn around all kinds of sick people but have stayed healthy!

  16. Marilyn Manion

    Taking these products fir quite some time because of Covid and I’m not young and my son asked me to.

  17. M Byron

    Know education, proper nutrition, and quality supplementation are key to optimal health

  18. Jan

    Great item to use to keep us healthy from Covid and other ailments.

  19. Leslie

    I trust Dr Osborne based on the many topics I have followed with him and I therefore trust the products he is selling. It is my understanding that Querciten basically helps get zinc where it needs to be and zinc is very important for a healthy immune system.

  20. cindy

    2 grams / day does my body wonderfully

  21. Michael O’Neill

    I take ultra Q as a preventative from viruses. It has lessened the effects of the crud when I picked it up.

  22. Russ Moss

    Purchased the item to shore up my supplements. I started taking Ultra @ a week ago 20-Jun-2022 and I am pleased with the results. Thank you and your team for looking out for us. #Save 100 Million people

  23. Deborah

    I have been taking Ultra Q for some time. One per day as maintenance and more if I feel I may have been exposed to flu or virus. I am also convinced that it helps to control my seasonal allergies. Good protection that I wouldn’t be without.

  24. Sue

    This seems to help keep inflammation at bay.

  25. sharon

    Ultra Q helps to manage inflammation it’s my ‘go to’ instead of Ibuprofen
    and won’t harm my liver or gut!
    It’s a must have

  26. Dresden Tillman

    Trying to find quality supplements without corn is almost impossible! Now thanks to Dr Osborne you can get both. Love that the Ultra Q supports my immune system and helps keep my inflammation in check! Thank you Dr. Osborne!

  27. Blanca Underhill

    Yes, I give the Ultra Q a 5 star. I have bone on bone in my spine and no mater what natural remedy I’ve done the pain is constant. Sometimes my stuff; collegian , Boswellia CBD , turmeric gives me short term relief But the first day taking Ultra Q and my constant pain disappeared. I can’t say enough praises for this product.

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