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Biotic Force

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16 reviews for Biotic Force

  1. Tom B.

    Super high quality, no bad side effects from this amazing probiotic! Will continue to purchase and use with confidence. Dr. Osbourne’s products are reliably the best and free of grains, soy, and other ingredients that we don’t want.

  2. Melody Slinn

    Again.. I feel completely safe when purchasing supplements from Dr. Osborne.
    Have been on these for about 3 weeks and so far so good!!

  3. Andrea More

    This product is one I chose to heal my leaky gut. It is one of the best!

  4. Andrea M.

    It has been beneficial to healing my leaky gut! I chose becuof the quality ingredients and potency. I will never use another probiotic! This is THE best!

  5. Valerie

    I am very pleased with this product. This is the first probiotic that has worked for me. It makes my gut feel better without the upset that previous products have caused.
    Thank You!!

  6. Donna

    I would never be without this product again. It has surely helped heal my poor digestive system and brought back a measure of overall health to my life.

  7. JB

    Biotic Force has been the key factor in my gut finally beginning to feel better. Over the last two decades, I have tried so many ‘high quality’ probiotics. None have even come close to providing the benefit(s) I am experiencing with Biotic Force!
    It’s an added benefit to know I can trust the source and ingredients of BF as well. Thank you, Dr. Osborne!

  8. Patti Bracks

    Its to early to tell

  9. Dan

    Definitely makes a difference in healthy gut

  10. Deborah A

    My husband and I have been taking probiotics for years. But once we went Grain-Free and Dairy-Free we had to stop the product we were using. Researched and discovered that Dr. Osborne’s Spore Based Probiotic was our best choice AND we trust this product knowing it won’t have any hidden problems for us! Been taking for over a month now and very pleased!

  11. Kathleen Martz

    A probiotic that is working for me. My gut is so much better since using. Thankful

  12. Jenn Herndon

    I wanted a great daily probiotic and here it is! It’s pure with no unnecessary junk in it! Love it!

  13. Terri Hamilton

    My stomach feels much better since I started Biotic Force! I have less bloating and discomfort after a meal, hoping BF is also heaping the healing process of leaky gut. Thank you!

  14. Eileen Cogburn

    Biotic Force has helped my constipation issue with no bad side effects.

  15. Judy

    Have not noticed an6y difference.

  16. Gary Vickery

    This product has been helpful to me in restoring a normal gut flora after suffering from leaky gut.

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