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Ultra Pure Protein – Unflavored

(12 customer reviews)

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12 reviews for Ultra Pure Protein – Unflavored

  1. Takiki B.

    Great product. I put it in muffin, homemade candy, smoothies, cakes etc to prevent being so hungry for my daughter as well as myself. Whenever I used this product my daughter get full. Every since my daughter was diagnosed as being allergy to wheat she would eat a lot before getting full.

  2. .

    I am 55 years old and have had ulcerative colitis since 2012. This is the only unflavored beef protein powder I have found that doesn’t inflame my colon. The fact that it is made with 100% ” beef raised right ” and no additives is why I like it so much. In Dr. Ozborne’s book ” No Grain No Pain ” there is a good recipe for breakfast. It keeps me full until lunchtime. Love the protein powder, the book, and all the vidoes each week.

  3. .

    I add this protein powder to smoothies when I am low on protein sources. One scoop has approx 26 g of protein, so I can adjust the serving based on what I need. I am so excited to find a non-whey, non-soy pure protein powder… added junk!

  4. Joyce C R.

    Truly a good product to include in my morning smoothies. I will continue to use it. No reaction at all! Thank you!

  5. Judy D.

    No sweetener and no flavor so doesn’t affect taste of drink. Love it. Great way to get more protein in my diet.

  6. Ran-E H.

    i think this is my favorite protein powder ! it’s like having bone broth everyday, it feels very clean; it helps with digestion and has a high content of protein (26 g). The only downside is that it has to be taken with warm or hot water. Otherwise it won’t melt very well.

  7. Shauna S.

    The protein powder is easy on my tummy. Usually, after trying a protein powder smoothie I feel like a big rock is sitting in my stomach. Dr. Osborne’s protein powder feels light and easily digestible for me! I’m SO happy! I purchased the unflavored & chocolate protein powder, the chocolate is delicious! Thank you!

  8. Cathy B.

    I have tried many different protein powders over the years. This is the ONLY protein powder that I can neither taste nor feel in my smoothies, which is amazing, as I am very sensitive to feel and taste. It also keeps me feeling full longer. I can also use it in baking, and it won’t alter the taste or feel. So glad I found this — it is a most excellent product!

  9. john g.

    I’ve spent years looking for an MSG and filler free, of whey and casein free protein powder. I do use the unflavored, it always mixes easily and gives the stomach something for fuel as food does.

  10. M E F.

    Glad for basic protein product without whey and additives & from good source beef, animal protein.
    Clumps a bit in smoothie but clumping is tolerable.

  11. Fabiola R.

    This is the only protein powder I can tolerate. I’ll defiantly continue to order this product!

  12. .

    The collagen and bone broth both have helped with knee discomfort and my footpads.
    Also I think they have helped with my appetite.

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