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Multi-Nutrients – Premium Gluten Free Multivitamin Formulated with an Emphasis on Supporting Nerve Health

40 Essential Nutrients to Support a Healthy Heart, Body and Mind

Gluten is a major cause of vitamin and mineral deficiencies for those with celiac and NCGS. In addition, those following a traditional gluten free diet are often found lacking key vitamins and minerals. Multi Nutrients is formulated using a synergistic combination of vitamins, minerals, and active cofactors that enhance absorption and uptake by cells. Each of the 40 nutrients packed into this powerful and compact super multi is provided in the optimal amounts, using only those forms found in nature and proven through research to be safe and effective.

Key Features*

  • Hypoallergenic – free of dairy, soy, egg, gluten, corn, yeast, citrus
  • High absorption and purity
  • Convenient for travel
  • Non-GMO, no artificial ingredients
  • 100% potency for its entire shelf life


Ingredients: Multi Nutrients contains 40 essential nutrients to include:

  • 14 Vitamins
  • 10 Minerals
  • 16 Cell methylators, alkalinizers, antioxidants & energy supporting nutrients

The Science:

  1. Singh A, Moses FM, Deuster PA: Vitamin and mineral status in physically active men: Effects of a high-potency supplement. Am J Clin Nutr 1992; 55(1): 1-7.
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  6. Rondanelli M, Faliva MA, Gasparri C, Peroni G, Naso M, Picciotto G, Riva A, Nichetti M, Infantino V, Alalwan TA, Perna S. Micronutrients Dietary Supplementation Advices for Celiac Patients on Long-Term Gluten-Free Diet with Good Compliance: A Review. Medicina (Kaunas). 2019 Jul 3;55(7):337.

69 reviews for Multi-Nutrients

  1. Jared

    Love this multi. Lots of energy and no hidden corn! Thanks Dr. O!

  2. Suzanne

    Since my diagnosis of celiac disease in 2002, and then with allerigies to casein and egg whites, it’s been a struggle for me to find a multivitamin that didn’t cause me to have side effects. I was very discouraged, until I tried Mutli-Nutrients. For the first time in years, my body was at peace! Thank you, Dr. Osborne, for creating supplements that are truly gluten free. I can use your products with confidence in their quality and safety.

  3. Rebecca Edwards

    Does this product contain eggs or nightshade vegetables (tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, peppers, goji berries)?

  4. Tim

    I love this product. I can rest assured that I am getting the vitamins and other micro nutrients I need totally gluten-free. I think this is important for anyone who may suffer from leaky gut, as I do.

  5. Anthony

    It is nice to take a multi-vitamin and not have to worry about fillers or harmful ingredients. Thanks Dr. Osborne!

  6. Karen

    Its nice to be able to take a supplement and not be concerned about gluten.

  7. Alice

    I’m pretty pleased so far. The ingredients appear to be high quality and good formulations. But will know more after taking them for awhile and running a blood test to see if I’m doing better or not.

  8. Karen

    At last, a supplement that does not upset my stomach

  9. Leila

    I love the varied nutrients in this product, and that it contains no hidden corn or rice!

  10. A

    Love this vitamin! Dr Osborne, I don’t see copper on the label, maybe I missed it, but if you want copper it
    Is in UltraNutrients available from
    Gluten Free Society! Zinc and Copper compete anyway so if you need copper maybe a separate 2mg suppliments at a different time of day than your multivitamin

  11. Chris

    I really can tell the difference in my energy and total well being with these vitamins!

  12. Robert

    I am celiac and have been taking these for some time now. I am very happy with them. I have to be very careful what I ingest and I believe these are the best multi-vitamin/nutrient out there.

  13. Lisa

    I have been taking these vitamins for 8 months now. I am grain,dairy and egg free. It is good to know that these vitamins do not have any hidden ingredients and I can take them with confidence. Just had my yearly physical and my blood work is top notch.It has been a long journey to feel healthy again. Thanks Dr. Osborne.

  14. Lisa Will

    Love your Gluten Free vitamins!

  15. Suzanne

    This is the only multi I use now, and I don’t plan to switch to anything else. I feel so much better taking this than I’ve ever felt before! No ingredients I’m allergic to, including no hidden starches or fillers. Thank you, Dr. Osborne, for caring so much about your truly gluten free warriors and offering us safe, effective products.

  16. Terry

    I have been pleased with Multi-Nutrients, because it does not upset my stomach like other multi-vitamins. I do feel better, but not on it long enough to know any results.

  17. Chris

    My energy level has returned once I started using these vitamins. I will never stop using them!

  18. Pam

    These are very good Multi-Nutrients supplements. I highly recommend them to anyone. You know when you purchase a produce from Dr. Osborne, it is the best quality.

  19. Cindy flanagan

    I figured these must be pure vitamins because the taste of the “B” comes right through, as well as when I go to the bathroom. Its only been 3 weeks since i started, but i do seem to be sleeping better.

  20. Deb

    My son is celiac. I was nervous to add anything new but he needed a multi vitamin. He had no reactions or stomach discomfort!!! will buy more origins proucts!

  21. Yessy

    Does this product contain iodine ?

  22. andy

    Good Day, Is this product truly GRAIN FREE ? Thank you Dr O

  23. Diana Hernandez

    Can a 100 pound 5 ft 2, 12 yr. old boy take this vitamin?

  24. Maggie

    Best Multi- I have ever taken. And the only one where I have felt an energizing effect. I particularly appreciate the completeness of formulation, use of bio-available forms, the corn-free ascorbate in addition to careful exclusion of all forms of grain residue or substrate. For Celiacs or LCHF clients, this formulation is ideal. Thank you GFS.

  25. Karen Manser

    I have been struggling with health issues for 30 years. Going “Gluten Free” only was helping but not solving the problem. In the effort to go “grain free” I replaced all the other supplements I was taking with several from Dr. Osborne. I feel so much better and a terrible skin rash I have had for years has subsided. I look forward to future lab results.

  26. TarikaDolley

    A great addition to my efforts of having healthy lifestyle.

  27. Donna Hare

    Love these vitamins

  28. Alexandra Panzer

    I chose this multivitamin first of all because I feel safe feel safe that a product from Dr. Osbourne will will be gluten-free. Also, I must limit my Vitamin D intake for a period of time and this product has a good level of Vit D for me.

  29. Julie

    I have trouble with burping this product & I get a nauseous feeling, so I stopped taking it. Any tips?

  30. James Baur

    The perfect vitamin to get me through the day and provides me with all the nutrients I need.

  31. Anthony Parnell

    As I’ve reached 50, I’ve started to have poor circulation at times and increasing my intake of vital nutrients such as calcium and magnesium has been the perfect cure.

  32. Jessica Lockhart

    Do these capsules contain gelatin? Do you ship to South Africa?

  33. Deah

    Is this product safe to take during pregnancy?

  34. Patti Boles

    I love these multi nutrients , gluten free.i had tried every vitamin you could imagine , I was getting discouraged because they all were making me not feel well. Dr. Osborne suggested multi nutrients gluten free. , I can take these get what my body needs with no I’ll effects. I’ll always take this supplement, Thank you for making these available.

  35. Deah

    Does Multi-Nutrients contain iron?

  36. CINDY


  37. Pam Terrell

    I am so grateful to finally find supplements that are safe for me to use without having to scrutinize the ingredient list! I am feeling better day by day with your supplements. Thank you!

  38. Anne Ysais

    Must have basic multivitamin! Urine color shows efficacy of vit B’s. Thank you Dr.Osborne!

  39. Elle

    I like the fact that it is Gluten Free and free of copper, iron & includes all the necessary minerals and b vitamins needed in a multivitamin. I find that I feel more focused and energized. I feel good about giving my family this supplement and can’t wait to purchase more of Dr Osborne’s products

  40. Cheryl Sullivan

    I’m thankful to be able to have this great quality Multi- Nutrient that I can trust. Thank you so much.

  41. Tiffany

    Great product! Energy and focus!

  42. jabaur

    These are multi-nutrient vitamins are superb. They provide the vitamins that are vital to me and I am thankful for these vitamins.

  43. James Alan Baur

    These are great vitamins that provide all the nutrients I need.

  44. Jessica Weatherman

    I bought this product for my husband, to help combat his chronic pain and severe fatigue, while following the gluten free diet as well. After three weeks of applying both these treatments, my husband is seeing great improvement in his health. He is now able to cook his own meals again, and is back working out in the gym swimming. The most important improvement is that his pain level has drastically gone down, while also reducing his pain medication as well. Thank you Dr.Osborne for educating us on a grain free lifestyle, and knowing that these vitamins are grain free takes the worrying out of the equation.

  45. Pam

    This product is one of the best on the market. I highly recommend it.

  46. jabaur

    These supplements are giving me all the vitamins I need to last through the day.

  47. Diandra

    Due to the whole COVID-19 our local health clinic was out of our regular Multivitamin. We tried this and they were stocked and delivered in timely fashion. Been super great!

  48. Valarie Stephens

    Use & love your Multi-Nutrients GF! We are a family of 3 each with our own allergy- tree-nut, Celiac/gluten, & Corn. Noticed your packaging and some of your Allergan statements have changed recently, does this product now have corn? The two family members will continue to use this product, but we need to know if it is no longer safe for our current allergic daughter. Thank you!

  49. Elaine Matthews

    I love this product. I’m 79 and this is the first vitamin I have consistently been able to digest all other vitamins burnt my stomach 🙂

  50. John Lamb

    I started taking the supplement first and then my husband noticed how much more energy I had and wanted to take it as well. Just his first day of taking this he had more energy and felt better all around. This is the best quality vitamin we have ever taken. We now have our adult children and almost adult granddaughter taking them. Everyone is feeling so much better and has so much more energy. I hope the formula never changes. I don’t know how they could improve upon this.

  51. Nikki

    Why use Vitamin K1 and not K2 as in some other products?

  52. Michele Brickham

    I threw away all my other supplements when I found these because the “other” ingredients were causing havoc. I feel like I’m absorbing these nutrients and sleep better and have more energy during the day now.

  53. Sharon Snook

    The multi-nutrients are awesome. Since finding that I’m gluten sensitive, i especially love the fact that your products/supplements are gluten free, non-GMO, and made in USA. Also, since taking the multi-nutrients, I’ve discovered that I was lacking in several nutrients. I’m noticing improvements in many areas of my health, ie. Fatigue, joint pain, sleep improvement, etc. Thank you Dr. Osborne for all you do for the betterment of health. Keep up the good work. I’m finding out more about my health every day.

  54. Ronda Comparoni

    My husband and I have more energy with this multi vitamin.

  55. Lori R

    I appreciate the doctor formulated multi vitamin and trust Dr Osborne’s products.

  56. Elizabeth Reed

    The Multi-Nutrients are great. So thankful to find supplements that I can trust, and that are safe for me to use without worrying about gluten. I was healthy before starting them, but I feel even better now. Thank you Dr. Osborne.

  57. Diana Wilkinson

    Grateful that Dr Osborne has developed a multivitamin supplement that helps with creating optimal health. I am taking this presently and it is my understanding that a multivitamin and omega 3 are foundational for everyone these days due to the lack of nutrients we receive from even the organic foods we eat. Thank you!

  58. tamworth

    This is a fabulous product – thanks Dr. Osborne – and not only because it is reliably Gluten Free. i have used many multi-vitamins designed by specialists, doctors and renowned healers. What Dr. Osborne designed with Multi-Nutrients it the very best – with its extensive list of ingredients in their most assimilable forms and a price that is lower than many others with lesser ingredients. This in now my daily source for broad nutrient support. i feel so good using Multi-Nutrients.

  59. Jessica T

    I love this multi!!

  60. Kate

    I started taking Ultra Nutrients last year to supplement the other vitamins I take. Because it made such a huge difference in my energy level, I ordered it for my son, who has a very stressful job. The formulation is superb, the product has clean ingredients which are easy to absorb, plus — it’s a simple way to add to one’s daily regimen, getting everything that is needed.

  61. Carol Tellier

    Best vitamin I’ve ever used, and I’ve tried a lot. It gives me energy throughout the day and easy to digest. I bought these for my kid who has Celiac Disease, but I like this vitamin so much that I’m going to buy my own too

  62. Judith

    I distill my water and use it as a supplement for all the minerals removed by the distillation process.

  63. Lavena Field

    The best multi-vit ever. I started the grain free diet, 1 month in, felt better. But then I decided to take multi-vit. Oh my goodness. With in 3 days I could feel the difference. I had energy. My brain fog so much better. They are a must to help you get better.

  64. Elisabeth Thomson

    Love this Multi vitamin. I actually started with the Ultra Nutrients but when it was out of stock I changed over to the Multi Nutrients and I like the extra B vitamins. I actually need them anyways after having had the nutritional deficiency testing done. I always take any supplement with food and I have not had any issues. Dr. O really knows what he is doing, I have learned so much since I started watching his podcasts.

  65. Quieta Brock

    Great to find a multi which is safe and true gluten free

  66. Agnieszka

    Love this one! Fell more energetic and not bloated like after different brands. Easy for your stomach too

  67. H

    Will only purchase from GFS because of the quality of the products.

  68. Dena Miller

    This is my first for choosing this multi because it is a tabsule. However my concerns with swallowing did not pose a problem.

  69. Ethylin Washington

    I have been taking these vitamin supplements for a few weeks now and I love them. They are gluten free and clean. The one-a-day vitamins went into the trash. My entire household is taking these vitamins, now. They are delivered each and every month. I just added magnesium and gut health probiotics to my monthly delivery.

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