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Ultra Collagen

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13 reviews for Ultra Collagen

  1. Eija

    After suffering for weeks with the virus this past February I started to lose my hair. This product has helped me with the regrowth and I’m happy to see my hair stop falling out.

  2. Robbie Wood

    This product is amazing. First collagen I have ever taken that is actually palatable. I’ve only been on a bit over a month ,however, It is already helping my nails and skin.
    I would highly recommend this collagen and myself have already bought another canister.
    Very pleased. 🙂

  3. Trudy Anderson

    Just started taking this because others I tried just did not meet my standards. Plus, this one mixes so easily is just water or any liquid with no taste and is made with quality ingredients. The real test will be long term and I will update this then. Thank you, Dr. Osborne for getting involved, being trsnsparent and honestly caring about our health.

  4. Shauna Scozzafave

    After trying many different collagen brands over the years, Dr. Osborne’s collagen is superior in taste, texture and is easily digestible! Highly recommended!

  5. Heddi

    Trying this Collagen for the first time and it mixes very well with liquids and doesn’t have much taste.

  6. Paul Kemp

    The reason I bought this Collagen was to hopefully tighten up my sagging wrinkly skin, but three weeks is not enough time to give that process a chance. What I DID notice was needing to go back to my barber for another haircut earlier than usual. I’m hoping for some tendon, cartilage, and joint support, too, but it is early to expect noticeable results for those items, as well.

    What I can say after taking the Collagen for 3 weeks and the OmegaMax fish oil caps for a month, I feel MUCH better than when I started Dr. Osborne’s supplements! That, in itself, is saying a lot for a 73 year-old!

  7. Cindy Morath

    This helps keep me full and gives me the extra protein I need.

  8. Beverly Berry

    I appreciate that it has little flavor and mixes well, and use it in my morning smoothie every day. Being gluten sensitive, I’m so grateful for truly gluten free products that I can trust!

  9. aquitaine

    Glad to find collagen product gluten-free with no excess/unnecessary ingredients

  10. Joyce C Roe

    Ultra Collagen is the only brand that instantly dissolves in my coffee. I am confident that your product is safe for my allergies.

  11. Marilyn Manion

    Seems to be working

  12. Svetlana

    This is a great product!
    It really helps with hair and nail growth.

  13. Teresa Tedford

    I was so glad I had ordered this collagen. After listening to one of the questions and answers, Dr. Osborne mention help for hemmrroids. He also mentioned help would be something in the diet would be causing them. I have gotten help with taking the collagen. I am also paying attention to what I am eating more now.

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