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Ultra Electrolytes

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and not even every day. It has a taste that I find faintly unexciting

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7 reviews for Ultra Electrolytes

  1. Nelly Sindhu

    I had low sodium and chloride results in every blood test for years and often felt light headed. In vain did I use more sea salt, the numbers stayed the same. Once I had to be given IV treatment in hospital because my sodium went dangerously low.
    However, after I started taking Ultra Electrolytes end of July, my sodium and chloride numbers became normal in the 9/1 blood test for the first time ! Also, my light headedness disappeared.

    I strongly recommend this supplement.

  2. Scott jonson

    Taste great helps with my energy

  3. Scott Johnson

    Helps when I need electrolytes

  4. vicki l williams

    Thank you for this product, have been adding it to my water every day. My goal is 80 oz of water a day, when I do not reach this goal, I know the product will help support the hydration that I need.

  5. Scott Johnson

    Using my water reverse emosis filter system it is a must for my ultra electrolytes

  6. Diana Tiessen

    After Monday’s pick Dr. Osborne’s brain and he told everyone how to use it, I am impressed at how quickly it has helped my bladder issues from the constant urge. I have RO water and this is helping with muscle cramp issues as well.

  7. Jeannie Onasch

    I take so many supplements that I am going by my faith in Dr. Osborne for taking this one. I haven’t seen any major difference in the way I feel, but I’ve only been taking it a couple of weeks or so, and not even every day. It has a taste that I find faintly unexciting, so I add some lemon essential oil drops and a bit of Stevia to my water. And it’s certainly helping me drink enough a water every day!!

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