Hi everyone! I have been using “Tinkyada” Pasta Joy Brown Rice Pasta Shells with rice bran. On the bag it states this: wheat free, gluten free  “our entire factory premise and all machines are dedicated to the manufacture of rice pasta – no other grain or cereal to prevent cross grain contamination at production. Kosher certified Kashruth Council of Toronto

Ingredients: Brown rice, rice bran and water

the websites listed are
http://www.ricepasta.com and
Phone: 1-888-323-2388
Being a newbie at all of this, trusting the labels (good grief LOL) this is the info they provide on the packaging. I did not know about all of the “hidden” ways gluten is in our foods untill I watched Dr Osborne's video today! I will call them myself to see if there are any reasons to suspect hidden gluten.