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I checked out the website too and although the pastas are not gluten free they had some very interesting recipes for wild rice. I'm definitely intrigued with the idea of using wild rice flour.  Acording to the site you can substitute it for rice flour especially brown rice flour. Anybody tried it yet? Wonder if anyone here has made homemade pasta or has a pasta machine? Let's see… wild rice, almond, coconut,&/or bean flours. Might be time for some “experimenting”!  Also found a recipe on epicurious for a lemon cake that uses brown rice flour…if 'tis true that you can substitute wild rice flour for brown rice flour…Oh, and the recipe for Wild Rice Cocunut Milk Pudding on pantry pup  sounds like it may be worth a try too!  As is their recipe for wild rice and beans…..All in all I think Pantrypup will prove to be a very useful site. Thanks Polina!