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I had found the University of Chicago website several months ago and signed up for their mailings and thought their staff was fully into this Gluten problem but I also was just beginning to understand and thought this was strictly a Celiac issue.  It seems that Dr. Guandalini gives “different” viewpoints on anything outside of Celiac Disease depending on who he talks to? I’ve seen some sites where he seems to agree with Gluten Sensitivity outside of Celiac and some cases where he doesn’t.  He does seem to be consistant about folks avoiding the GF diet unless they have Celiac and get villi damage.  His opinion about vitamin deficiency because of the GF diet is based on his erroneous mindset that all GF diet folks are all going to “substitute” the GF foods instead of avoidance.  I read another article where Dr. Guandalini and Dr. Fasano both are behind the push for the 20 ppm “gluten free” standard by the FDA and Dr. Guandalini states that the customary CD patient can eat at least a pound of food each day containing 20ppm without harm???  Total stupidity in my opinion, my wife and I both respond to just a trace of hidden gluten in salad dressing, etc.  I did read a Gov’t FDA report where they are of the opinion that CD/GS folks need to get no more than 1ppm in a GF food and due to the lack of reliable testing at that level are considering a new label stating- “Low Gluten”.    I also read an article where he is “helping” some of the GF food processors with their GF agenda and sounds to me like he has lost credibility, at least in my view.  I will stop receiving the e-mail and newsletters from the Univ. of Chicago and I’m sure they won’t miss me.

An interesting article I would like to share by Dr. Rodney Ford, a New Zealand  Pediatric Gastroenterologist of many years and he is adamant that GS/CD is totally a Brain/Neurologic Disease that causes all the other symptoms and diseases. I would like to know what Dr. O thinks about Dr. Ford’s findings?  I know that I was having terrible Brain chemical issues before going GF and they disappeared quickly along with the frequent diarrhea within just a few days.



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Dr. Ford is an excellent physician and expert in gluten sensitivity.  His information about gluten as a neurotoxin is spot on.  However; gluten has poisonous effects beyond what occurs to the nervous system.  A perfect example is what gluten does to the small intestines.  The production of intestinal permeability is not a nervous system issue, but an issue where gluten impacts a protein that keeps intestinal cells from drifting apart. 

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Have you listened to the interview between myself and Dr. Ford?  If not, you can check it out here: