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Theresa VelaTheresa

Hi Diana, I’m here. Well, to be honest I’m on our Facebook groups more often than here. I also love beets, beans and salmon too. Have never tried fennel, thanks for the tip! In my gluten full days I used to love black jelly beans so I think I’ll have to go buy some fennel today!

I have a brand new nutriblast smoothie maker that I’m having tons of fun with presently! Can’t really say I’m following any recipes but am having a blast anyway! Really find I enjoy adding ginger, cilantro or mint to just about everything. This thing comes with a blade that is supposed to grind coffee, nuts etc. I am going to try grinding some wild rice into flour and see if I can make a spice cake for my birthday in Aug. Wish me luck! You really have me thinking now. Another of my favorite things in the gluten full days that I used to love was an anise flavored mexican bread. Anise also tasted like licorice to me. Wonder if a fennel cake would be a possibility? I know I have read that licorice contains gluten but I think that is referring to the store bought candy as opposed to the actual liquorice plant. Wikipedia tells me that anise, star anise, tarragon, fennel,and sassafras also have a similar taste. It also states some rather interesting medicinal uses although like most thing sounds like too much can have negative effects. Hoping Dr. O. will chime in here!

Hope you have a wonderful 4th Diana and if you haven’t already look us up on Facebook. and