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Hello Austin, glad to have you on board the grain free/True Gluten Free wheel of life! I agree with Rita. A phone consultation with Dr. O. may well be very beneficial. I also believe finding a doctor and psychiatrist that practices Functional Medicine would be paramount. There is a psychiatrist whose blogs and facebook page I follow by the name of Emily Deans, M.D (Evolutionary Psychiatry) she is also listed on  http://primaldocs.com/. I also recently started following and looking into the work of Dr. Daniel Amen.( “The Brain Doctor”) https://www.facebook.com/drdanielamen?fref=ts. My family has a strong history of various mental disorders which I believe are very much tied in to and affected by gluten. I personally feel there may be hope for you to get off traditional medications but this must be done with close supervision and monitoring. Wishing you the best


Hope the links work for you!