Jacqueline ScarbroughJackie Scarbrough

Well, yes and no…I did understand the “how to” on calculating the 1/3 ratios fat, carb, protein.  What I do sometimes have trouble with is weighing in with enough carbs and I'm wondering how necessary that really is if you're eating the proper foods.  I don't exactly keep a tablet and calculate the exact ratios on my calories but I do a running tab in my head and I am usually lower on the carb end.  Are there maybe some people who just cannot tolerate 1/3 of their calories being carbs, even if they are grain free and most of their carbs are veggies with a small amount of fruit?  I do better with higher protein and fat, even though not much of what I would necessarily call physical activity, just wrangling kids all day! LOL 

BTW, Rita which video was it?  Thanks! Smile