Diane ZidesDiane Zides

I switched to grass fed meats but don’t know if I feel better for it. I had a reaction to eggs recently, so I thought chicken diets were filtering down into them. It could have been I had gastritis at the time so I couldn’t handle the eggs just then, or maybe I’ve become intolerant to them after I was tested for foods. I’ve found some mention on the web about supermarket meats being just fine since the proteins of gluten that might be in the meat are destroyed during digestion. A problem can exisit if you’re super sensitive. I also read about organic produce having more chemicals used on them that haven’t been tested and might be more dangerous then what’s used on conventional produce, which was hidden from the public. It’s being called organic watergate. I’m switching back to conventional meats and produce for now to see how I feel. If I should discover I did better going the other route after all, I’ll switch back.