Peter OsbornePeter Osborne

Hello fellow Gluten Free Society members!


I’m only 25 and unfortunately have 3 autoimmune diseases. I was first diagnosed with hypothyroidism in winter 2007. Summer of 2009 I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and I was just recently diagnosed with celiacs by a positive blood test. My naturopath has opted out for me to do the biopsy as she believes it’s too invasive. I will be getting the DNA test done shortly.

I have a high IgE reaction to Milk, Beef and Lamb and a high IgG reaction to cranberry, peanut and sesame seed.

I have been dairy free for 4 months and gluten free for only 1 month. I have recently took corn out of my diet and am working on eliminating rice although that has been most difficult.

I have also quit all nightshade vegatables and beans/legumes (soy I’m still working on).


The only thing I eat pretty much is chicken, fish, vegetables, fruits, tree nuts, and seeds.