Peter OsbornePeter Osborne


A couple of things,

Did you take the multi with or without food?  Without food or without an adequate amount of food nausea can sometimes set in.  


Did you try taking them separately to see if was the multi vs. the B-12 lozenge causing symptoms?

Have you ever had a bad experience with high doses of B-6?

It is possible you are reacting to other ingredients in them.  You may want to consider performing an Elisa ACT test to get a definitive answer.


On rare occasions, I have had patients react to this form of sublingual B-12.  I can send you another type.  (Never had a problem with this one, but it is a less potent form.)

Let me know via private message so we don't have to discuss your medical issues on an open forum.

All the best,

Dr. OSmile