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Diane ZidesDiane Zides

I’m having the same problem. I think our server sites might be the issue, or maybe this site is crashing from popularity. I just got an ipad but haven’t gotten a chance to use it yet to see if that will make a difference. Apparently your new computer wasn’t the answer. I have no patience either.

How are you feeling these days? You told me you had improved to a certain degree months back but still working on it. I’ve had issues these last 4 months while spending time in Florida away from the cold weather and my doctor. I kept getting sick from the very food intolerances I told restaurants to keep out of my food! It lead to suffering for a good 4 days afterwards from fatigue, gas, reflux without heartburn, and IBS all hitting at once. I eventually got gastritis and a thyroiditis attack. I’m wiser now, and order only safer foods like steamed lobsters or stone crabs. The rest of my meal which would be salad and/or veggie, I eat when I get home. I’m finding contamination in all restaurants and most don’t take food intolerance seriously. Most restaurants don’t have a gluten free section in their kitchens even if they have gluten free items on the menu. My husband doesn’t mind eating like me which makes meal preparation much easier. He’s lost weight, and his diabetes looks like it’s finally responding to my diet and his sugar is normal most of the time. He has a good chance of getting off all medication if he keeps this up.