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Jacqueline ScarbroughJackie Scarbrough

Bruce, this is a very good question and I think everyone may be different on this issue.  I seem to have a variety of symptoms that I cycle through if I get cross contamination.  Mine range from fatigue and headaches, to canker sores, to weird shooting pains in my scalp, to skin break-outs on my face, to GI symptoms, to irritability and mood issues.  Only after watching these things over a long period of time do I now know to suspect gluten.  It used to be that having several of these all the time made it very difficult to tab anything as the cause.  “True” gluten free has helped tremendously.  

I also have leaky gut with many other intolerances (soy, dairy, sugar, etc) and have noticed that expopsure to any of my intolerances can cause the same symptoms (for me anyway), but mine are definately most severe with gluten.  I've also found that the longer I'm truly gluten free, the more severe my GI symptoms have become if I do get cc'd.