Lori Quandtfarmwife67

Well if you need another seed, tell him to talk to me.  My Doctor told me I also have Candida as well as gluten intolerance and since I have changed my diet to a candida diet and am taking supplements my Dr. gave me I have NO MORE restless leg syndrome.  I was the same way I had it so bad, my husband would go sleep in another room because I was kicking him all night long. I would wake up and felt like I ran a race all night long, I was so tired and could hardly drag myself out of bed.  Now, I wake up between 6 and 7 every day sometimes earlier. I hop out of bed and am ready to go I feel GREAT!  I had to do more than just grain free to get there, he needs to find a good funcitonal medicine Dr. or someone like Dr. O.  Tell him all he needs to do is got on this website and read all of our posts.  I did find out though, that trying to cure yourself on your own is almost impossible.  We need to go have all of the different testing done, so we know exactly what supplements we need and exactly what diet to be on.  I was close on my own, by following Dr. O's grain free diet, but I also had to give up sweetner (diet coke was hard), potatoes (anything high in starch), vinegar ( I use some apple cider vinegar).  I no longer use ketchup or mustard, but I have found a way to make some ketchup with xylitol and tomato sauce and tomato paste. 


Just keep planting seeds and hopefully it will sink in sometime.  I have 4 children that have a 100% chance of having gluten intolerance because I have the celiac gene and the gluten intolerant gene, but none of them will follow the diet  ages 17 – 22.  They are old enough now they have to chose their own path.  I did overhear both of my daughters saying they have tried a couple of times, so I know there is still hope they will change.

Good Luck!