Jacqueline ScarbroughJackie Scarbrough

Diane-I just wanted to attest to the Perque Life Guard.  I have had intolerance reactions to most all vitamins I have tried in the past, most likely due to such things as you have discovered.  I can say that the Perque vitamins have finally been ones that I can tolerate.  I would just like to add though that on the label the LifeGuard recommends multiple per day for unwell/restoration of health, but I found that this was too much for me.  Maybe my impression of “unwell” was different than what it is supposed to mean.  I ended up starting to overdose on the B vitamins after doing this for several days, getting nausea.  As long as you're diet is clean then one should be enough (or so it was for me). 

Dr. O-I think we all agree with Diane on her comments and thanks to you.  Keep up all the great work you are doing!