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I started keeping a menu collection of meal ideas (breakfast, lunch & dinner). I'll give you a few examples below:


Breakfast: Blanched cabbage wrap filled with avocado slices, and a little chicken or beef. I also do a cereal type thing where I slice up organic banana, add org. blueberries and strawberries, use almond milk and pour on a little flaxseed meal. I enjoy it.


Lunch: typically I have leftovers from dinner the night before….so here are some dinner ideas:


Dinner: Spaghetti Squash with simmered chopped up org. tomatoes (seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic powder, italian seasoning), cooked lima beans, org. zucchini sauteed.

Cooked Black eyed peas, org. baked (in microwave) sweet potato, org sauteed spinach

Org. Grass fed Chuck roast cooked in crock pot all day with mashed org. potatoes and org. steamed broccoli

Also I like to make Red Beans and Rice – using wild rice and cooked in crock pot red kidney beans. Can have a vegetable on the side.



Also the Glutenology Cook book has a great bread recipe!!! I love it!


Hope that helps!