Brian Hamill

Re: what to eat… I have started having a smoothie for breakfast. Like many, I started buying gluten-free cereals, and my girlfriend starting making me tasty, gluten-free bread. I realized pretty quickly that I felt great when I went grain free altogether, but started slipping back down again with the replacements.


I bought a cheap single-serving blender at Target for $15.99.  I make a smoothie out of:


1 inch of milk in the blender

1/2 or whole banana

3 or so large spoonfuls of plain or vanilla yogurt (without gelatin or weird ingredients)

1 scoop of whey-based protein powder

1/2 cup or more frozen berries.


The measurements of all are to taste, and you can eyeball it to great success. Blend until it looks blended, and drink it right out of the removable vessel. So easy and tastes AWESOME. The protein helps it “stick to your ribs”.