Peter OsbornePeter Osborne

@John Bane said:

Hi Guys,

Can we get a list of snaks that you guys are eating in between meals?  Let me start the list.

1. Grass Fed Beef/Bison Jerky.

2. Raw vegies

3. Natural peanut better

4. penuts.

5. Fruit from some people? (For some reason fruit seems to bother me.  It did not use to but it does now, maybe the sugar, I have no idea but when I eat fruit i get these wierd boil like things on my scalp that contain fluid and blood, really strange?)

6. Anything else you guys can think of?


Thank you and take care of yourselves.



1. Celery with almond butter
2. Apple slices with almond butter
3. Banana Slices with almond butter (I like almond butterSmile)
4. Boiled eggs
5. Mashed avocado with chicken
6. Macadamia nuts