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Diane:  If you like Sea Salt, you should try himalayan. Most sea salt is toxic because our seas are not so clean. Himalayan salt is high in minerals too.


I love reading these forums because it really shows we are all so individual and no diet fits all. Some people do well on fruit and nuts, others not so much.

My thoughs on Jerky-love it. I make my own. My husband takes his yearly deer and we just make the whole thing into 4 gallon bags of jerky. I encourage you all to do the same. You don't have to worry about soy then. Don't look to the stores for food. That is not food. Make and grow your own.

The sugar argument is one of the oldest there is. Sugar is a preservative and herloome varietys of it were medicinal and great for you as they were high in minerals. There is new research out that can affirm what we all know that natural forms of honey (this is a sucrose, same molecule as cane sugar or native table sugar) has many healing properties (Propolis and immune inhancers).

It is true that is excess, sugar can weaken the immune system and excess fructose will be converted to fat by the liver. Sucrose has always been in our diets. It used to be present as cane sugar and honey and molassis. The caveate to this is not so much the sugar as it is that like wheat and dairy, we have caltivated an unnatural product in poor soils and it is no longer the healthy variety it used to be. Food is no longer medicinal once it is treated like a commodity.

How do I sloved that problem?

My inlaws have bees so we have our own source of medicinal honey. They harvest the honey straight from the comb and do not heat it and leave the wax and everything in it. It is amazing and it does not cause blood sugar spikes or issues. The key is to know the source of what you eat. Store bought honey would have the wax removed and even raw honey is processed. Honey should not be smooth, clear and  squirt from a bottle. It is a thick grainy subtance that is solid as a rock at room temperature.  Fruit or sugar from the grocery store, not going to be good for you. Most of the fruit is picked green and unrip and then rippened with ethanlene gas.  You lose many nutrients this way. I studied Dietietics in College and we got to tour “fruit trucks and fruit rooms” at the big food warehouses. They are all wired up to gas up the place to keep the fruit unnaturally green and then rippen them when it is time for them to go to the store. Very desturbing.