Diane ZidesDiane Zides

I don't like the peanuts/butter on your list, and am suspicious of the jerky if it contains soy and added sugars. Peanuts have mold and contain a toxin. I'd stay away from anything that's high in sugar. Dried fruits are all sugar. If fruit is giving you that boil reaction, I”d stay clear of that too. I haven't had a piece of fruit in 8 months. Fruits are high in fructose which is being found to disrupt uric acid levels, etc. Fruit and sugar were only available to people a few months out of the year and only what was locally grown, so it wasn't in their diets all year long like it is now, so the body could handle it better. You could be fructose intolerant for all you know. The body was meant to run on glucose from veggies. Fruits break down to fructose/glucose in the body and are just like table sugar. It promotes inflammation with AGE's (also found the burnt part of foods like the dark part of toast), and shortens lifespans. I can't handle sugar at all so I don't eat any. Most people should eat maybe 25 grams of fruit a day or less, better to have no more then 15 grams, which would be 1 to 2 small portions of low fructose fruits. Dr. Mercola has a list of those. I eat protein and/or veggies for snacks. I cut up red, green, yellow, and orange peppers or cucmbers, etc. and carry them with me. I'll eat a few shrimp, or some pieces of left over steak, a hard boiled egg, etc. I use no condiments except for sea salt. You get used to it after a while. 

What's funny is I had a reaction of head bumps I though was from shampoo that inflamed an occipital lymph node in my neck. I had no idea that node was connected to the scalp. What if it was from something I ate and not the shampoo? I had to take a Zpack for it which wasn't great for my Candida issue.