Norbert Banaszak jrredbird

Bush's beans says gluten free and we haven't haven't been surprised……yet?   I've read on another website that the EZ Gluten test showed that “Allen's” beans have tested “safe” and their website says they are “gluten free”.   There are several store brand dressings and sauces that say on the bottle that they are gluten free?    I guess I'm wondering how many here are eating those things and making sure they are not getting any grains,etc.     If you make you own from scratch and start with purchased meats/fruits and veggies, how are you positive there is no cross-contamination on them either?    Someone with wealth may be able to afford the EZ Gluten test kits and each test stip that is used costs about $2.50.     That is just to find a positive/negative to wheat,rye or barley, not all the other grains or lectins?